Seaman Corporation

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ATA Canada, Fabric Structures Association, Military Division, Tent Rental Division, US Industrial and Narrow Fabrics Institute

Market Segments

Agriculture, Automotive / Transportation, Banners / Graphics / Signs, Geosynthetics / Mining, Marine, Military / Tactical, Outdoor / Recreational / Consumer Products, Safety / Protective, Shade Structures (Awnings / Canopies / Tent), Smart Fabrics / Technical Textiles, Tarpaulins / Truck Covers

Product Categories

Adhesives, Bentonite Clay Liners, Berms, Containment, Bladders, Water, Cabanas, Canal Liners, Canopies, Canopies, Exterior, Canopies, Residential, Canvas Specialties, Capping, Waste, Containment, Containment, Animal Waste, Containment, Hazardous Waste, Containment, Industrial Liquid, Containment, Landfill Cap, Containment, Nonhazardous Waste, Containment, Potable Water, Containment, Recreational, Containment, Secondary, Containment, Wastewater Treatment, Covers, Covers, Agricultural, Covers, Landfill, Covers, Reservoir, Covers, Waste, Distributor, Geomembranes, Fabric Art, Sculpture, Fabric, Abrasion-Resistant, Fabric, Acrylic, Solution-Dyed, Acrylic Topcoat, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Acrylic, Solution-Dyed, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Awning, Fabric, Banner, Fabric, Coated, Fabric, Coated, Extreme High Temperature, Fabric, Coated, Extreme Low Temperature, Fabric, Coated, Infrared, Fabric, Experimental Design & Development, Fabric, Fire-Retardant, Fabric, Flame-Resistant, Fabric, Fluorescent Colored, Fabric, HDPE, Knitted, Fabric, High Performance, Fabric, Inflatable, Fabric, Knit, Weft Insertion Warp, Fabric, Laminated, Fabric, Marine, Fabric, Mesh, Coated, Fabric, Mesh, PVC-Coated, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Mesh, PVC-Coated, Awnings, Fabric, Mesh, PVDF Coated, Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl-Coated, Fabric, Military Specification, Fabric, Nylon, Fabric, Nylon, Polyurethane-Coated, Fabric, Nylon, Vinyl-Coated, Fabric, Polyester, Fabric, Polyester, Acrylic-Coated, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, Knit, Fabric, Polyester, Polyurethane-Coated, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Acrylic Topcoat, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Acrylic Topcoat, Awnings, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Backlighting, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Resin/Fluorocarbon-Coated, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Resin/Fluorocarbon-Coated, Awnings, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Urethane Topcoat, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Acrylic Topcoat, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Resin/Fluorocarbon, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Resin/Fluorocarbon, Awnings, Fabric, Polyester, Vinyl-Coated, Fabric, Polyester, Vinyl-Laminated, Fabric, Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic-Coated, Fabric, Polyester/Cotton, PVC-Coated, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Polyurethane Coated, Fabric, PTFE, Air/Tension Structures, Fabric, Puncture-Resistant, Fabric, Self-Cleaning, Fabric, Shadecloth, Fabric, Tarpaulin, Fabric, Tensile Structure, Fabric, Tension Structures, Fabric, Tent, Fabric, Thermoplastic Urethane, Fabric, Truck Cover, Fabric, Urethane-Coated, Fabric, Vinyl, Fabric, Vinyl-Coated, Fabric, Vinyl-Laminated, Fabric, Vinyl, Backlit, Fabric, Vinyl, Marine, Fabric, Wide-Width, Fabric, Wind Screen, Fabrication, Research and Development, Film, Vinyl, Calendered, Floating Covers, Flooring & Floor Coverings, Tent, Floors, Tent, Geomembranes, Geomembranes, Bituminous, Geomembranes, CSPE, Geomembranes, EPDM, Geomembranes, Polyethylene, Geomembranes, PVC, Geomembranes, Reinforced, Inflatables, High-Performance, Liners, Irrigation Ditch & Dam, Liners, Landfill, Liners, Pit & Pond, Liners, Tank, Liners, Tent, Mining Heap Leach Pads, Pavilions, Remediation, Research & Development, Research and Development, Geosynthetics, Roofing, Single-Ply, Roofs, Green Systems, Roofs, Photovoltaic, Roofs, Self-Cleaning, Seminars, Geosynthetics, Shades, Shelters, Construction, Shelters, Dock, Shelters, Portable, Sidewalls & Panels, Tent, Structures, Air-Inflated, Structures, Air-Supported, Structures, Clearspan, Structures, Frame-Supported, Structures, Shade, Structures, Tensile, Structures, Tensile, Stock, Structures, Tensile, Transportable, Structures, Warehousing, Tents, Tents, Clearspan, Tents, Frame, Tents, Military Specification, Tents, Party, Tents, Pole, Tents, Sidewalls, Tents, Tension, Tents, Wall, Vapor Barriers, Welding, Fabric

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