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  • State of the Industry 2023

    The Advanced Textiles Association presents results from its annual industry survey looking at trends, markets that are poised for growth and other data. A panel of industry experts also share their thoughts on the direction of the textiles industry for the second half of 2023 and beyond.
    Panelists include:

    • Amy Bircher, CEO and Founder of MMI Textiles, Inc.; Chairman of the ATA Board of Directors
    • Jennifer Fennell, Supply Chain and Process Improvement Advisor for Polo Custom Products; ATA Board of Directors
    • Mark Harries, President of Bally Ribbon Mills; Vice chairman of the United States Industrial and Narrow Fabrics Institute
    • Moderated by Jonathan Sweet, ATA’s director of content & member programs.
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    Interviewing and Hiring – Best Practices for Small Businesses

    This abridged “A to Z” presentation will help small business owners navigate the process of hiring and retaining an employee.


    This easy-to-understand overview presentation covers:

    • What do you know about interviewing?  Come find out!
    • Developing a job description and posting a job
    • The foundation of a good interview
    • Steps to ensure a legal, compliant, and sound interview process
    • Onboarding a new employee
    • They’re hired.  Now what?
    • Q & A

    Speaker: Gary Convertino

    Executive HR Consultant & Coach
    3P HR Consulting & Coaching

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    Hidden Hacks for FedEx Discounts

    Saving money on shipping expenses for your business is more important than ever in this challenging economy. You have options and decisions to make when it comes to shipping to receive the best value and savings.

    PartnerShip, the ATA-preferred shipping provider that manages your member-exclusive shipping benefits, explores 6 hidden hacks that members can use to save more with FedEx. Here’s your chance to learn how to get the most out of this free member benefit, and what you can do to lower your small package shipping expenses.

    In this webinar session, we will cover:

    • The 2023 UPS & FedEx rate increases.
    • How to get the most out of My FedEx Rewards.
    • How to get free package testing with FedEx.
    • FedEx Multiweight pricing and much more!

    Speaker: Harry Centa

    Senior Program Manager, PartnerShip

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    USINFI: Government Relations Review and Division Update

    Join in an update on the newly merged divisions now known as the U.S. Industrial and Narrow Fabrics Institute (USINFI). The session will discuss the purpose for the division merge and review the member dues structure, followed by a government relations update. Consultants Sara Beatty and Auggie Tantillo will cover federal policy matters currently confronting the U.S. textile sector including military procurement under the National Defense Authorization Act along with key legislative and enforcement initiatives related to international trade.



    Sara Beatty, President, Whitehaven Trade

    Augustine Tantillo, President, SRG & Associates

    Bob Hancuff, USINFI Board Member

    Mark Harries, USINFI Board Member

    Joey Smith, USINFI Board Member


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    Work on Your Business Instead of In It

    Feeling stuck in your business? Hitting the ceiling? Not getting what you want from your business? You are not alone. Entrepreneurs tend to struggle with 136 issues simultaneously, but if you can strengthen the six key components that make up EOS (vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction) of your business, the issues tend to fall into place.

    During this webinar, Michael Richman will introduce you to tools that you can use immediately to help transform your business. At the end of the webinar, you are going to be able to start changing your company meetings, have a clear vision, and know your priorities for the next 90 days.
    Once you leave the webinar you will have a “Grip on Your Business”.


    Speaker: Michael Richman

    EOS Implementer and Former Owner of Academy Awning

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    Code Consultant Update

    In this member exclusive webinar, the Advanced Textile Association’s Code Consultant Paul Armstrong will provide an update on code issues.

    Speaker: Paul Armstrong

    Principal, Paul Armstrong Code Consulting Services (PACCS)

  • Non-Engineered Ballasting Tool Overview and Demonstration presented by TRD & ARA

    The question of how much ballast is necessary to safely secure a tent is one that tent rental companies have been struggling with for decades. While most newer tents are certified by engineers to require a set amount of ballast, there are still many – particularly older tents or tents that have been modified from their original design – that do not have the corresponding documentation that can be used as a guideline for installers, but also shown to local code officials as verification that the structure has been properly secured.

    After many years of study and research, this new tool allows the tent industry the opportunity to better answer that question and give code officials something tangible to know this tent was set up safely. Join us for an overview and demonstration of the Non-Engineered Ballasting Tool and a discussion on why the Tent Rental Division (TRD) and American Rental Association (ARA) partnered up to develop this additional ballasting tool.


    Michael Tharpe

    TRD Chairman & National Sales Manager, Rainier Industries

    Alex Renaud

    TRD Code Committee Chair & President and Owner, Fiesta Tents

    Dan Hooks 

    President & CEO of Party Reflections, Inc.

  • Taste of IFAI Expo 2022

    We invite you to a Taste of Expo! Our webinar will feature 3 experts giving us a short preview of their education session from IFAI Expo. Our IFAI Expo education sessions are unparalleled. With dozens of speakers, IFAI Expo attendees will have multiple opportunities to gain valuable knowledge from the ones who know best. Education at Expo includes in-depth classroom sessions and 25-minute campfire sessions on the show floor.


    In our webinar we will learn:
    Transitioning from Fluorocarbon-Based to Fluorine-Free Durable Water Repellents 
    Durable water repellents (DWRs) provide many beneficial properties to textiles including resistance to rain, staining, and abrasion. But many manufacturers have been transitioning to fluorine-free DWRs where possible. Attendees will learn the basics behind different repellents, regulatory issues, and the evolving technology for increasing the ecological profile of these products.

    Frank Keohan

    Senior Technology Manager, Bolger & O’Hearn, Inc.


    Stop Playing the Pricing Game
    Having confidence and ease in addressing the price and talking about your value with clients and even in marketing copy is one of the things that many people find truly difficult. In this power-packed session where we will transform your beliefs around pricing, value, and your willingness to shout your worth from the rooftops.

    Madeleine MacRae

    Owner & Founder, Homepro Toolbox


    Footprint Data for Climate Action
    Specific and accurate data is essential to sustainable progress. OEKO-TEX® has developed a method for calculating the carbon and water footprint at each stage of a textile product’s life.  This impact calculator is based on a two-year pilot project with in-depth research for best practices, current methods of data collection and calculation, recognized standards, proof of concept and stakeholder input.  Join us to learn how the tool was developed, how data will be continuously improved and how the system can be used. We’ll discuss how we can leverage this data to lower our industry’s impact and communicate with customers.

    Ben Mead

    Managing Director, Hohenstein



  • IFAI Expo 2022 Overview

    Learn the latest information on IFAI Expo 2022 in Charlotte, including:

    • Schedule of events and education
    • Show floor highlights and Demo Area
    • Additional event details and helpful information about IFAI Expo and Charlotte, NC
    • Health and safety guidelines
    • Travel to and Host Hotel Information
    • Live Q&A with Advance Textiles Association (ATA) staff
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    Global Sea Logistics Supply Chain – What Happened and Where Are We Headed?

    With Covid-19 came a change in consumer spending patterns that drove an increase of 25% to 35% in the volume of world trade in products. This surge in cargo overwhelmed global sea logistics assets and caused significant supply chain disruptions around the world. This presentation will discuss the impact of the surge in cargo on the network of sea logistics related assets, current supply chain conditions and the prospects for the remainder of 2022 and 2023.


    Speaker: Bill Rooney

    Vice President Strategic Development at Kuehne + Nagel, Inc

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    [Webinar] Rhino3D and how CAD Will Improve your Business

    Today’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is easier to learn and more affordable than ever. Small and large businesses alike are now able to take advantage of CAD to increase productivity and profit. As workforce skills change and the demand for flexibility in the workplace increases, moving from the manual to the digital world is more desirable than ever.

    This webinar will present an overview of Rhino3D, a widely used CAD software among textile designers and fabricators.  Adopting a digital approach to manufacturing techniques does not mean starting from scratch.  Learn how Rhino3D can be used to replicate traditional processes while reducing errors and increasing accuracy and speed. Participants will also see how custom programs can create virtual ‘jigs’ for repetitive tasks and common workflows.


    Speaker: Adam Penner

    AP Consulting and Technical Services

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    Medical Device Testing for Development and Compliance

    Whether developing the best product or obtaining approval, textile medical devices require specific and rigorous testing. In this session, we will cover:
    • Considerations for development
    • Types of testing
    • Compliance with the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

    Speaker: Dr. Timo Hammer
    CEO Life Science & Care

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