Honored Life Member

Honored Life Member status in the Advanced Textiles Association is designed for individuals who have shown a commitment to the Association.

Entries Accepted: Summer 2023

How It Works

Any individual, by approval and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, can be granted the designation of Honored Life Member in the Association. The honor may be bestowed on an individual who is a longstanding General member of the Association who also meets at least one of the following two qualifications:

An Honored Life Member is not required to pay dues and shall be awarded the rights and benefits of Individual membership within the Association. At all meetings of the Association, every possible courtesy and honor shall be extended to ATA’s Honored Life Members.

  • A congratulatory letter signed by the ATA president
  • Wallet card identifying the individual of his or her HLM Status
  • Engraved plaque honoring his or her appointment
  • His or her name listed in the HLM section of the ATA Membership Directory
  • A lifetime, complimentary subscription to his or her choice of one of ATA’s award-winning magazines
  • A beautiful HLM lapel pin
  • Two complimentary show floor passes
  • Two complimentary tickets to attend the event at which his or her HLM recognition announcement takes place

Honored Life Members

David A. Edgerton (2004)
Greensboro, NC, USA

J.C. Egnew (2005)
Stearns, KY, USA

Steve Ellington (2022)
Glen Raven, NC

Spencer Etzel (2016)
Wilsonville, OR

Gene A. Faubel (2003)
Gates Mills, OH, USA

Trudy Flanagan, MFC, IFM (1998)
St. Helena Island, SC, USA

Ocie Ford (2009)
Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA

Thomas R. Fridley, MFC (2006)
Fairborn, OH, USA

Allen E. Gant, Jr. (2012)
Burlington, NC, USA

Harry Gobble (2010)
Glen Raven, NC, USA

Joseph R. Greco (1996)
Old Tappan, NJ, USA

Jerry Grimaud (2017)
St. Louis, MO

Ernest Hagler (1994)
Denver, CO, USA

Bill Handy (1998)
Arlington, TX, USA

Pat Hayes, CPP (2012)
Elgin, IL, USA

Jack C. Helbert (1976)
Danville, CA, USA

Robert Helmsing, MFC (2007)
St. Louis, MO, USA

Ian Hemming (1988)
Wilmington, DE, USA

Mary Hennessy (2018)
St. Paul, MN, USA

Robert Hicks (1998)
Statesville, NC, USA

John P. Hoffman Sr. (1986)
Baltimore, MD, USA

J.D. Howell (2006)
Evansville, IN USA

Ann Hunzinger (2011)
Evanston, IL, USA

Ed Hunzinger, Jr, MFC (2011)
Evanston, IL, USA

Sy Hyman (2014)
Emigsville, PA

Al Johnson (2016)
Burlington, NC

John H. Kirk (2007)
Cleveland, OH, USA

Jeffrey W. Kirk. IFM (2010)
Cleveland, OH, USA

Rosemary Krienke, MFC, IFM, CPP (2011)
Guthrie, OK, USA

John Kohler, IFM, MFC (2001)
N. Tonawanda, NY, USA

Wells Lange (1994)
Century City, CA, USA

J. Bruce Mabb (2009)
Mesa, AZ, USA

Fred Magenheimer (2005)
Long Beach, CA, USA

Olof Martensson (2007)
Jessup, MD, USA

Patrick J. McBride (2006)
West Babylon, NY, USA

Peter McKernan, IFM (2014)
Emigsville, PA

Philip Mickelson (2005)
Branford, CT, USA

Darlene Miller (2007)
Naples, FL, USA

Mark H. Miller (2013)
Naples, FL, USA

Carolyn Moon (2010)
Baraboo, WI, USA

Clyde Moon (2010)
Baraboo, WI, USA

John A. Mortensen (2004)
Little Silver, NJ, USA

Harold Neidlinger (2002)
Kent, OH, USA

Motonobu Nohmura (2007)
Osaka, Japan

Christopher J. Nolan, IFM (2013)
Rosebery, New South Wales, Australia

Nora Norby (2014)
Minneapolis, MN

George K. Ochs (2009)
Canyon Lake, CA, USA

J. Chris Olivieri (2009)
Matawan, NJ, USA

Harry D. Oppenheimer (2006)
Highland Park, IL, USA

William Overton (2008)
Tullahoma, TN, USA

William Phythian, MFC (2001)
Calgary, AB, Canada

William Pitt (1994)
Mooresville, NC, USA

Gerry Power (2007)
Ontario, Canada

Ken Prine (1999)
Glen Raven, NC, USA

James R. Rafferty (2004)
Pomona, CA, USA

Donald M. Reinbolt, MFC (2006)
Temperance, MI, USA

Temperance, MI, USA

Suzanne J. Reinbolt (2008)
Temperance, MI, USA

John K. Robinson, MFC (2004)
Mobile, AL, USA

Raymond Ross (2008)
Glen Raven, NC, USA

L. Vernon Schaefer, MFC (1984)
Dayton, OH, USA

Richard Seaman (2012)
Wooster, OH, USA

John Sears (1997)
Yakima, WA, USA

Leon Seidel (1984)
Margate, NJ, USA

J. Richard Sheppard (2005)
LaGrange, HA, USA

Frank Sinclair (2014)
Diamond Springs, CA

Robert H. Smith (2007)
Roseville, MN, USA

Wayne Smith (2009)
Villa Rica, HA, USA

Allen J. Swers (2006)
Boca Raton, FL, USA

Nobuo Takeuchi (2010)
Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan

Steven F. Toth (2014)
Glen Raven, NC

Stephen M. Warner (2012)
Arden Hills, MN, USA

Robert Weingartner, MFC (1999)
Cincinnati, OH, USA

Bud Weisbart, IFM (2008)
Fontana, CA, USA

Robert C. Weldon (2005)
Schiller Park, IL, USA

Glenn Wood, MFC (2012)
Savannah, HA, USA

Richard Yale (2008)
Eminence, KY, USA

Wayne Yonce (2004)
Urbana, IL, USA

Wanda Yonce (2010)
Urbana, IL, USA

Floyd Younce (1984)
Portland, OR, USA

Tyron (Spooky) Apple (2016)
Glen Raven, NC

Bernard Armbruster (2006)
Springfield, IL, USA

Missak Azirian (2011)
Los Angeles, CA, USA

John Boyle-Bell (2012)
Statesville, NC, USA

Bill Bellinger (2005)
West Bloomfield, MI, USA

Lutz Bergmann, CMC (2005)
LaGrange, HA, USA

Katie Bradford, MFC, IFM (2020)
Noank, CT USA

Dennis Bueker (2021)
Barberton, OH USA

Harry Butler (2010)
Atlanta, HA, USA

Robert Campbell, MFC (2012)
Presto, PA, USA

Scott Campbell (2012)
Tukwila, WA, USA

Maurice Capp (1977)
Dallas, TX, USA

John Caporaso (2016)
Somerset, NJ

Donald L. Clauson (1986)
Utica, MI, USA

Robert Cole (2003)
Sacramento, CA, USA

Thierry Constant (2004)
Mouvaux, France

Curtis C. Crawford (2002)
Belleville, KS, USA

Harry Daugherty, P.E. (2013)
Whitehouse, OH, USA

Linda Delgado (2010)
Kemah, TX, USA

Garland Drew (2010)
Randolph, NJ, USA

Stephen B. Duerk, IFM (2005)
Simpsonville, SC, USA

Brooke H. Duncan (1988)
New Orleans, LA, USA

Lars Dupont (2008)
Viken, Sweden