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NOTE: Your account must have Main Contact or Administrative access to your organization to perform these functions.

Changing Company Information:

  1. 1. Log in to your account on
  2. 2. If you are an administrator or main contact for your organization, you will have access to your organization account via the Organization link under My Account Links, or the linked organization name in your Profile Details
  3. 3. Once on your organization page, you can edit your
    organization details by clicking Edit Organization.


Adding, Changing or Removing Individuals from the Organization Roster:

  1. 1. To add an individual to your roster Click ‘Add
    New’ on the Organization Roster Form to add
  2. 2. Fill in Individual information details and click ‘save’.
    Note that an email address can only exist in the ATA system once. Contact us if you are having difficulty adding an individual due to this.
  3. 3. The staff relationship is automatically assigned when adding a new person to your company roster. You
    can change this to Main Contact, Administrative contact or Accounting Contact.
    Important! Your organization should only have one Main Contact, and both the Main and Administrative
    roles allow the individual to edit your Organization account.
  4. 4. To remove a staff member from the organization roster, click on End Relation

Selecting Codes for ATA Buyer’s / Specifier’s Guides

ATA members and non-members alike can participate in our award winning buyer / specifier guides. Each guide has a period of time wherein you can indicate what products and services you provide that fit into a given guides focus. To see what the listing submission period is for a given guide, you will need to go to the Buyer’s Guide page on Once there, you will see a calendar depicting the submission form availability dates for each guide.

Clicking ‘purchase’ will take you into the selection process, where you will first need to log on to if you aren’t logged in already.

1. Confirm your organization is what shows on the following line. You will see the directory name restated and whether or not your organization has any remaining listings available to select. Each company may have a maximum of 40 listings per directory. If all looks correct, click on ‘Purchase Codes’.

2. Confirm your organization’s contact information. Note that what appears here is what is on file for your organization. If the information displaying is incomplete or incorrect, you will need to make those changes on your organization profile, which is accessible via your own account profile if you’re the main contact for ATA at your company or have administrative access. You will need to click on ‘Save Organization Info’ to proceed.

3. Select your codes, up to a maximum of 40, and be aware that each section on the left-hand column has a different set of codes to select from.

4. Once you have selected all of your codes, click ‘Add to Cart’ under your Selected Codes for Purchase. This will take you into the Shopping cart where you can enter any discount code you may have been provided for membership or advertising, and complete the purchase process.

If you have any difficulty or questions, please contact: Ashley Scheidegger 651-225-6937 or

Go to and select the benefit you are interested in under ‘Access to Discounts’. Each benefit will provide instruction on how to get it going!

To access the video technical library, click here. Our video technical library consists of instructional videos for the purpose of learning and advancing the industry.

Membership subscriptions are created for you automatically when you join. The type(s) and number of subscriptions are dependent on your particular membership and member group selection. Please contact us at if you have questions about your membership subscriptions.

Find the group you are interested in volunteering with at, and email your inquiry to the listed member group supervisor.

When a member advertises in a print publication a discount of 3% is automatically applied. Find more information and opportunities on our advertising page, or download our media kit below.

If you are a subscriber to one of ATA’s magazines and you have access to digital issues, congratulations! You not only have access to award winning content, but you have the means to quickly view them wherever you have internet access and a web-ready device!

You will receive an email when each digital issue is released, as in the example below. If you cannot locate your digital publication release emails, please check your email spam folder and contact us at if you are having any further problems.

  1. 1. Click ‘View Here’ in your digital publication issue released email.
  2. 2. You will then be sent to the issue location, where you will be prompted to enter your credentials.
  3. 3. Enter your login credentials to access this issue. Your Login ID will be the email address you use on (the same email address the issue email was sent to). You can use the password links at the bottom of the issue login page if you have troubles with access.


To access this course, brought to you by the Tent Rental Member Group, click here.

On our Member Directory page, you can search by any field, but if you are looking for a particular product or service use the box In this box begin typing and options will appear. For example, if searching for fabric – begin with Fabric, and options will appear. Scroll to find the desired product and select!

Possible keywords to assist in the search: Adhesives, Coatings, Hardware, Shades, Thread, Apparel, Covers, Netting, Structures, Tops, Awnings, Equipment, PPE, Tarpaulins, Webbing, Bags, Fabric Rental, Tents, Yarn, Banners, Fiber Sewing, Machines, Testing, Zippers.

On our Events Calendar page, you can switch between in-person and virtual event tabs, depending on what you’re interested in. All events are chronologically sorted, with the most recent upcoming events at the top.


To access the Vista by ATA FAQ page, click here.


To access the CONNECT by ATA FAQ page, click here.

ATA Career Center

Ensure you are logged in to your account, then go to and select ‘Post a Job’ located in the upper right corner of the page.

Select the ‘Get Started’ button corresponding to your desired posting level and your ATA membership status, and follow the guided instructions to complete your job posting.

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