Annual Report

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2022 Annual Report

2022 Highlights

In addition to the rebranding work we did; we also had the core objectives of serving our membership. FY2022 was successful in so many ways despite ongoing challenges with the pandemic.

  • Member retention ended at 89% for the fiscal year and 90% for last 6 months, the highest in years. We also added 216 new members.

  • Launched a Fabricator Peer Group using our CONNECT by ATA community for outreach and communications. The Group meets to share challenges and opportunities with their peers.

  • Added a robust Health and Benefits program to our member benefit offerings that serves members with 2 or 102 employees.

  • Several member companies have joined our Textile Industry Retirement plan to improve their employee benefits.

  • Many companies are experiencing significant savings with our PartnerShip member benefit.