Certification Program

ATA’s Professional Certification Program recognizes individuals for superior knowledge, skills, experience, and dedication to excellence in a variety of specialty fabric product and management categories.

ATA Certified Master Fabric Craftsman

Master Fabric Craftsman

The Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC) certification tells your customers that you have demonstrated the highest level of expertise in all phases of product design, craftsmanship and installation for the marine, awning or fabric graphics specialties.

ATA Certified Industrial Fabric Manager

Industrial Fabric Manager

The Industrial Fabric Manager (IFM) certification tells your customers that you have superior knowledge of the principles and practices of business and organizational management.

Program Eligibility

Must have a minimum of three years’ experience in the manufacture of awning and/or marine products for anyone seeking the Master Fabric Craftsman certification, and/or managerial/sales experience in the advanced textiles industry for anyone seeking the Industrial Fabric Manager certification.

Certification must also include an accumulation of 10 credits in the following areas:

  • Time in the Industry
  • Service on a Board or Committee
  • Awards Competition Judge
  • College Degree/Technical College/Trade School
  • Attend Workshop or Symposium
  • Write an article for an industry magazine

Application Process
Applicants complete an application, sign a Code of Ethics and pay a fee of $275 member / $400 nonmember.

Certification Phases
Applicants must successfully complete phases that include a report and a written exam.

Certification Renewal

Applicants are required to renew their certification designation every 3 years. Renewal includes a fee of $100 member /$175 nonmember, along with the accumulation of 15 credits in the following areas:

  • Board or Committee Member
  • Attend Workshop/Symposium
  • Enter Awards Competition
  • Judge for Awards/Certification Program
  • Buddy for a Certification Candidate
  • Presenter/Speaker
  • Write an article for a magazine
  • Technical College/Community College/University course

Master Fabric Craftsman Objectives

Demonstrates superior ability and knowledge of craftsmanship standards required for awning and canopy fabrication and/or marine canvas products, includes designing, fabricating, and installation.

Industrial Fabric Manager Objective

Demonstrates superior knowledge of the principles and practices of business and organizational management.

Interested In Certification?

Certification is available for the awning and marine canvas industries and for anyone seeking a fabrication management certification in the advanced textile industry. Contact Christine Gerard, Division Supervisor | 651-225-6926 | christine.gerard@textiles.org