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  • Listen in as our Artificial Intelligence Part 1 podcast guest, Adam Penner of AP Consulting and Technical Services, interviews Dan Hughes, co-founder of Claritee.AI, a seasoned expert in Generative AI, with over a 20-year career helping clients implement emerging technologies. Dan discusses how he got into AI, specifically Generative AI, and why he finds it so beneficial for companies to implement this technology.  
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Join us each month for insider views, best practices and tips from successful companies in the industrial fabric market. Discover the road to the fabric industry and gain insight from shared experiences.

Previous Episodes

  • Adam’s Journey from CAD Design and Automation to AI Consulting

    Adam Penner has a background in engineering, but after college he began his career as a CAD designer and developed a passion for automation. After transitioning to work for an automation company, he traveled nationally installing automation equipment and training others on how to use it. He discovered a love for teaching and ventured into consulting, founding AP Consulting and Technical Services. He was introduced to AI’s Chat GPT through a friend and immediately loved it. He learned Chat GPT could help him write code, improve his writing, and generate content in areas outside of his expertise. Listen as Adam explains how he is a huge proponent for AI’s role with his work by saving time and enhancing his work efficiency. 

  • Digging Deep for Innovations in Textiles

    Listen in as Justine Decaens, Director of Research and Development from CTT Group in Quebec, Canada, discusses how her company supports industrial development. CTT Group’s research and development teams help take innovations from development all the way to the testing phase to ensure products meet certain criteria and specifications. Tune in as Justine discusses the products and materials her company is working on and any challenges they may face.

  • Cormier is Able: Taking on Challenges in the Canvas Business

    Listen in as Natalie Cormier, Owner of Able Canvas in New Brunswick, Canada, discusses how she took on the challenge of becoming the owner in 2011. Cormier loves a challenge, so becoming an owner of a business in an industry she had no knowledge of was something she wanted to take on. She further discusses the challenges of hiring skilled workers in the New Brunswick area. She does her due diligence in teaching customers and clients that buying quality canvas from companies like hers will last longer than buying from large chain stores. Another challenge she faces is when she retires, who would she sell her company to or who would even want to buy the business. Tune in to hear her story!  

  • Live from Marine Fabricators Conference 2024

    Kyle VanDamme sits down with Keith Purves, Jeff Newkirk, and Johannes Lombard at the Marine Fabricators Conference. The guests share from different backgrounds—from what it was like growing up in the family business to being recruited by a sail maker and coming into the business after a career in the yachting industry. They cover the trades and hiring for character and teaching the skills, to learning a craft, and managing a multi-generational staff. They also touch on building an environment of belonging and end with succession planning and how to prepare for selling your business.