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The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) is a member group of ATA. PAMA members are manufacturers, designers, and engineers, as well as installers of awnings, shade, signage, and architectural products for residential and commercial structures.

Christine Gerard, Division Supervisor |  + 1 651 225 6926  |

ATA Canada promotes the welfare of the Canadian industrial textile industry, to improve the status of the association members in the community and to benefit the users of Canadian industrial textile products. Members include manufacturers and suppliers of industrial textile products, goods or services for the industrial fabrics industry in Canada.

Christine Gerard, Division Supervisor |  + 1 651 225 6926  |

Emerging Technologies Council (ETC) provides the most current information on research, best practices and innovative knowledge available to advance emerging technologies within materials, products, and processes while also cultivating the next generation of textile professionals.

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Fabric Structures Association (FSA) promotes the use of fabric structures among architects, engineers, suppliers and fabricators. The division influences the development of building codes related to the fabric structures industry, and seeks strategic alliances with organizations influencing the marketplace.

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Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) is the central resource for geosynthetics in the United States. GMA provides engineering support, business development opportunities, educational programming, government relations expertise and industry recognition. The division lobbies on behalf of member companies several times a year in Washington, D.C.

Fred Chuck, GMA Executive Director |  +1 651 225 6956  |

Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) represents marine fabricators and establishes standards of excellence for business practices, products and craftsmanship. The division develops and hosts the annual Marine Fabricators Conference.

Barbara Connett, Education & Events Manager |  + 1 651 225 6914  |

Military Division (MIL) provides its members networking opportunities, education, trade advocacy and specification information. It is engineered for those who do business with or in domestic or international military textiles markets, including government contractors. The division represents its members at trade shows and conferences and works to develop an industry-driven specification database for military fabric and accessories.

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Tent Rental Division (TRD) represents companies in the commercial tent marketplace. The division hosts an annual Tent Expo or Conference, a venue for networking and sourcing industry experts from within and outside the industry. TRD promotes safety for the tent installer and the public in tented events, assembles products and services listings, and represents members in code committees.

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U.S. Industrial and Narrow Fabrics Institute (USINFI) is a coalition of United States specialty and narrow fabric manufacturers and users. The division develops and hosts the Outlook® Conference. It monitors and advocates for member positions in both legislative and regulatory issues in international trade, and hosts an annual lobby day event in Washington, D.C., to advocate for issues pertinent to the industry and member companies.

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Workforce Development Council is working to find solutions to the biggest problem facing the textile industry today—finding and keeping skilled employees. This group works to build and train the sewing, fabricating and manufacturing workforce across all segments of the industry. 

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Janelle Buerkley, Member Programs Manager |  + 1 651 225 6948  |

ATA Japan represents the Japanese specialty fabrics industry. It works to strengthen the Japanese marketplace throughout the year.

Kikuko Tagawa, Executive Director |  +81 72 780 2803  |

ATA New Zealand, formerly Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand (OFPANZ), provides members with an international forum. We are dedicated to promoting, developing and protecting the interests of the manufacture, trading, and marketing of all outdoor fabric products with exceptional quality and to recognized standards, both nationally and internationally.

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