Outstanding Volunteer Award

This award was designed to acknowledge each year a handful of volunteers who go above and beyond. Below you’ll find a list of award recipients to date.

Recipient List


  • Boyd Ramsey, GSE Environmental LLC
  • Dan Lesch, MFC, Lesch Boat Cover LLC
  • Jean Lineberger, Brawer Technical Yarns Div. of Brawer Bros. Inc.
  • John Gant, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC


  • Andy Morse, Ohio Awning and Manufacturing
  • Dan Nolan, Tents Unlimited
  • Fred Chuck, TenCate Geosynthetics
  • Marc Shellshear, MFC, IFM
  • Scott Massey, Awning Cleaning Industries


  • Jamie Gallagher, Tensile Integrity Inc.
  • Steve Szenay, Serge Ferrari North America
  • Thomas Markel, Bravo Events Expos Displays


  • Bret Kelly, Trivantage LLC
  • Haskell Beckham, Exponent
  • Kevin Yonce, TCT&A Industries
  • Maureen MacGillivray, Central Michigan University
  • Sarah Lapping, Economy Tent Int’l


  • Amit Kapoor, First Line Technology
  • Keith Gardner, Crown Resources LLC
  • Mark Welander, FabriCon LLC
  • Mike Gatti, Herculite Products
  • Ron Paratore, Trivantage LLC


  • Daniel Selander, Thrace-LINQ
  • Diana Wyman, The America Association of Textiles Chemists and Colorists
  • Doug Brown, Tensar International Corporation
  • Eva Osborne, Significant Difference LLC
  • Mark Mordecai, Globe Manufacturing Co, LLC


  • Andy Durham, Owens Corning
  • Chad Miller, American National Manufacturing
  • Jennifer Fennell, Polo Custom Products
  • Patti Bates, Glen Raven Technical Fabrics


  • Amy Bircher, MMI Textiles
  • Brian Richardson, L&A Tents
  • Eric Sevy, Sugarhouse Industries
  • Jonathan Chakales, Marlen Textiles
  • Valerie Cuchna, Fabric Images
  • Wendy McBay, Tensar


  • Darren Arthur, MFC, Nautilus Custom Canvas LLC
  • Ron Houle, Pivot Step Consultants LLC
  • Bret Baird, Trivantage
  • Michael Tharpe, Rainier Industries


  • Paige Mullis, Glen Raven
  • Tom Auer, Bearse USA
  • Charlene Clark, Signature Canvasmakers LLC
  • J. Keith Harris, TenCate


  • Mark Tyrrell, Lasalle Canvas
  • Alex Renaud, Fiesta Tents, Ltd.
  • Keith Purves, Trivantage