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Innovation and the Next Generation
Dr. Lucy Dunne, Professor and Co-Director, Wearable Technology Lab and Director, Apparel Design Program, University of Minnesota

The textiles and sewn products industries are undergoing exciting changes, which have been accelerated and focused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These developments pose similar challenges and opportunities for higher education as we seek to train the next generation of leaders and push the boundaries of research and development. Technology plays a pivotal role in all of these endeavors. This session will address emerging topics in e-textiles and smart clothing as well as the impacts of new technologies on design practice and education.

Leading the Change
Kim Glas, President and CEO, NCTO

Women have been at the forefront this year responding to the COVID-19 crisis that has impacted every aspect of life. During this extraordinarily challenging year for so many, women leaders across the U.S. textile industry and other key sectors have played a key and significant role in the response.  Women leaders also have played a pivotal role in Washington, DC in the public policy arena with a historic number of women now serving in elected positions.  Join us for a discussion about how women are leading the change on the frontlines.

Building a Culture of Innovation for Growth
Paige Mullis, Brand Director, Glen Raven

The foundation of organizational innovation is anchored in a creative culture. In this talk, Paige will share tools and identify opportunities to develop or maximize a creative culture no matter what size or budget. Now is the EXACT time we should be pressing forward with innovative products and services. How might we embrace these strange times to grow our business? We all have been forced to think differently and embrace change over the last year. This CAN be the exact recipe for growth through innovation!

Panel Discussion: Breaking the Barriers of Global Business & Communications (no PowerPoint presentation) –
Linden Wicklund, Director of Events and Member Programs, ATA

Meredith Boyd
, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Technology, Unifi Manufacturing
Courtney Cruzan, Vice President Sourcing & Product Development, Brrr Inc.
Sabrina Finlay, CEO, Otabo

Join a panel of three industry leaders specializing in manufacturing, sourcing and innovation on a global level. From the manufacturing floor to research and development, the textiles industry has had to pivot and create new business practices through the COVID-19 pandemic. Panelists will discuss how their companies adapted, and how transparency benefits the industry at large. Learn examples of how new business practices were adapted out of necessity and can evolve into best practices for the future. This energized panel will offer a positive outlook on resilience and tools to meet challenges within the global supply chain.