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Dee Duncan, President/CEO – “Best thing we’ve done in years to bring in fresh ideas, energetic talent, and enthusiasm. Keyston is able to build bench strength for the future, look at new technology ideas to expose our products, and start to make a career for some really cool kids. Some of us with shorter runways really enjoy a fresh, new way to look at business.”


Matt Mitchell, Supply Chain Intern to New Hire – “The internship process with Keyston Bros. was very helpful for me because I was able to transition the skills I learned in my Supply Chain classes into the workforce. The summer internship even furthered my skillset beyond what I learned in school with focuses on procurement and inventory management, which really helped me for my senior year classes at Auburn. Everyone with Keyston was extremely helpful by always answering any questions I had and making sure that I fully understood all aspects of the company’s supply chain. Auburn and Keyston Bros. combined to make for a great internship process which was extremely beneficial for finishing my supply chain coursework and starting out my career with valuable experience as a Supply Chain Analyst.”


Zach Lawhon, Supply Chain Intern to New Hire – “The Keyston Bros internship program helped me gain experience in a distribution network as well as the upholstery industry. After my internship I was able to focus on college courses that would help me succeed in this business. The internship allowed me to have a good base of knowledge for how Keyston Bros worked, which made the transition to full time employee a lot smoother. I learned the daily operations of what occurs at the branch level as well as the corporate level.”