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  • Today’s Talking Textiles panel discussion brings together the great minds involved with the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC), a center designed to support and sustain the textile industry.  MSC’s Jeff Neuville, Tanya Wade and Frank Henderson of Henderson Sewing talk to us about the cooperation, collaboration and partnerships created in the new facility. Learn how MSC is helping manufacturers test the limitations of all different types of textiles along with meeting the standards necessary to bring products to market. Tour MSC while attending the Fabricators Conference April 24-25, 2023. To learn more visit https://www.textiles.org/fabricatorsconference/.
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Join us each month for insider views, best practices and tips from successful companies in the industrial fabric market. Discover the road to the fabric industry and gain insight from shared experiences.

Previous Episodes

  • Textile Leaders Tackle Supply Chain Strategies

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    Supply chain delays and challenges are one of the top issues facing the textiles industry today. Listen in on this special panel discussion of Talking Textiles, where we’ll talk to industry leaders about the causes of these problems, the outlook for the coming year and how companies can best prepare themselves to deal with shortages and longer production times.

  • The Next Generation of Textiles

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    It's time to nerd out on material sciences. This episode of Talking Textiles interviews George Sun, founder of Nextiles, a company merging electronics with textiles to measure range of motion, micromovements and more. We learn how George walked a path from creating shoes to conductive fabrics and hear his advice for job seekers to get involved, connect and just show up. 

  • Building Sling Packs, Knowledge and Relations through ATA and the IFAI Expo

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    Hear from two textile product business owners, their history, challenges, and involvement with the Advanced Textiles Association and the Demo Area at Expo. Jonathan Sweet interviews Tom Auer, Bearse USA, a third-generation business owner and Bob Rosania, CEO Ehmke Manufacturing, a company that was started by a baseball player. Discover what’s happening in the ATA Expo Demo area, get their take on networking, opportunities to learn, and unique ways of attracting employees.

  • Building multiple structures, winning friends and influencing the textile industry

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    Jamie Gallagher has over 50 years of experience in the fabric engineering business and the relationships to prove it. Working along the way with his 4 brothers, Jamie explains why a bit of healthy family competition can fuel innovation.  Born into a family with an already successful textile-based business, the brothers were not content to simply work within that company and instead each struck off in their own directions within the industry, while maintaining cooperation among themselves.  Listen to our latest Talking Textiles podcast to learn how cooperation can lead to big wins in business. About ATA