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  • Listen in as Justine Decaens, Director of Research and Development from CTT Group in Quebec, Canada, discusses how her company supports industrial development. CTT Group’s research and development teams help take innovations from development all the way to the testing phase to ensure products meet certain criteria and specifications. Tune in as Justine discusses the products and materials her company is working on and any challenges they may face.
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Join us each month for insider views, best practices and tips from successful companies in the industrial fabric market. Discover the road to the fabric industry and gain insight from shared experiences.

Previous Episodes

  • Live from Advanced Textiles Expo 2023: Part 1

    Listen in as Kyle VanDamme and Mark Tyrrell interview Jeff Sponseller, Michael Woody, Todd Pusser, and Erin Parker. You will hear the viewpoint of regular attendees Jeff Sponseller and Michael Woody on how Expo has evolved, the connections and friends they have made with other individuals in the industry, the business opportunities they have received, and advice for new attendees. Also, you will hear viewpoints from a first-time attendee, Todd Pusser, and current NC State doctoral candidate, Erin Parker, on what they expected from Expo and what they have seen and experienced so far.

  • Boatman Knows His Boat Canvas

    On this episode, Michael Boatman discusses how his passion for boat covers grew by learning and working alongside his father in their family business. Ultimately, this passion led him to start his own boat cover business - Boatman Marine Canvas. He also recalls his first experience attending an MFA conference, how he “found his people” and loved everything about the conference. Since becoming an ATA and MFA member, he has made many lifelong connections and vows that he’s not going anywhere. So listen in as Michael Boatman discusses his past and what his future looks like!

  • Canvas Life: Navigating the Wake Boat Cover Business

    Listen as Kyle VanDamme interviews Justin Jones and Clint Halladay of SewLong to discuss how they both got into the wake boat cover business and the overall culture of the business. Also, they will discuss how their company survived COVID, how they compete with the bigger shops, and how the younger generation has changed the way they view work life balance.

  • Demo Learning that Sticks Like Glue

    On this episode Tom Auer interviews Mar Ricketts of GuildWorks, Karina Gentry of Boatswain Locker, and Robin DuBroy of Wholesale Shade to discuss how ATA is making the demo area better at the Advanced Textiles Expo with new contributors to help diversify the knowledge and incorporate hands-on education and training. Listen now to learn more of the experiences our guests have had in attending the show and the value they’ve gained from networking and walking the show floor, as well as what you’ll see in the demo area!