GMA Lobby Days

Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) members will have the opportunity to meet with their congressional representatives, hear from invited guests and learn how the election impacts the makeup of the 118th Congress. Visitors are welcome – check the registration page for details.

Now is the time to register for the 2024 GMA Spring Lobby Days taking place on June 5-6, 2024 in Washington DC. Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) members will have the opportunity to meet with their congressional representatives, hear from invited guests and learn how the election will impact the work of Congress. Visitors are welcome – contact Fred Chuck, GMA Executive Director (

With the passage and funding of the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL), the Inflation Reduction Act, and the continuing resolutions extending the government and the FAA Reauthorization, our focus in the spring will be the reauthorization of the FAA, in particular the ongoing discussions concerning expanded use of geosynthetics to extend the pavement design life, the reauthorization of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) to continue improving America’s ports, locks, dams, inland waterways, and other water resources infrastructure. Congress is back on track to authorizing water resources infrastructure improvements every two years, and this provides another opportunity to enhance the geosynthetic language in WRDA and to expand the use of geosynthetics in water resources projects.

Many Members of Congress are now advocating for our industry, in large part, due to GMA’s consistent lobbying efforts along with the support and involvement of GMA members. It is critical that GMA members continue to educate members of Congress about national issues affecting their company including the recent Build America, Buy American (BABA)guidance from the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), US DOT and FHWA. Plan to join us in these congressional conversations and register your intent to attend. We make every effort to schedule meetings with your individual congressional delegation, so to ensure that we provide a timely request, please register early and include your local district information so that we can gain meetings specific to your locations. Good attendance will ensure that we can visit as many congressional offices as possible to further promote geosynthetics benefit and the inclusion of geosynthetics in the infrastructure funding.

Meeting Options

We are now able once again to walk the halls of Congress, meet and mingle in the hallways and even visit the various dining facilities scattered around the House and Senate office buildings. In years past, we could walk the halls of congress and visit offices with unlimited attendees, but while the offices have re-opened to visits, some are limiting the numbers of in-office attendees, so depending on the specific office restrictions, we will be assigning attendees. When you register, be sure to include your local congressional district (if you know it) or your home address details. Also include your corporate headquarters location, all domestic manufacturing locations, and any relations or connections you may have to congressional or other DC offices. This information will allow Whitmer and Worrall to accurately schedule the congressional office visits.

Reception/Lunch Invitations – based on our prior success with members of Congress joining us for a lunch conversation(11:30a-2:00p), we will be extending invitations again. The location allows for members to visit us in a relaxed setting away from the confines of their offices while providing an opportunity for the representative(s) to address our whole group.

Learn More About GMA Lobby Days

To learn about becoming a GMA member, click here. If you have questions regarding membership, lobby day or anything else please contact GMA’s Executive Director, Fred Chuck at