Moss announces increased mask production capabilities in U.S.

Published On: September 10, 2020

With high-speed production lines in Franklin Park, Illinois, Moss has announced the industrial production of surgical masks developed to meet ASTM F2100 performance standards, making it a new and rare American company to be doing so. 

According to a recent Moss press release, the company has around-the-clock high-speed, automated production lines and will soon be tripling its capacity to produce millions of surgical masks per week. Medical professionals and organizations requiring bulk mask supplies can receive supply in weeks versus months from a U.S. manufacturer.   

Moss’s turn from early discussions with project partners to realizing bulk mask production took four months. Team members in Germany took the lead in partnering with engineering experts there at Fraunhofer IPT to develop Moss’s proprietary mask-making equipment.  

“Beyond the ongoing emergency needs of this pandemic, Moss production is changing the landscape for medical PPE. Organizations that have had to worry about procuring surgical masks for daily use, surge supply and inventory, now have access to a tested, timely and reliable mask supply,” said Moss president and CEO Dan Patterson. “It’s a better way forward for preparedness and efficiency.”   

“Frankly, in our early explorations to make a significant impact in mask production, we discovered we needed to better control the supply chain and ultimately perform the manufacturing – it really was about changing the existing game,” Patterson noted. “We also knew that purchasing professionals faced extreme difficulties procuring masks, oftentimes dealing with unverifiable claims, suspect certification, and no recourse should problems occur. Our customers know Moss stands behind its products and has for nearly 50 years. They visit our plants and are connected to our executive team. They know they are dealing with a reliable company.”       

In the U.S., Moss is shipping bulk orders across the country under the Emergency Use Authorization while working to submit the product for formal FDA Registration. To the company’s knowledge, it is the only producer of its type in the Midwest. Moss also operates identical mask production lines in Lennestadt, Germany, where the masks are certified to meet EN 14683 Type II R standards of protection and Moss is a registered medical supply company. Moss Europe maintains medical security officers for CE compliance on product.   

“It was a big undertaking to establish our strategic global supply chain, micro-engineer many production processes, and pivot our sales operation,” said Peter Bottenberg, Moss executive vice-president and managing director in Europe. “The commitment of Moss team members and partners in the U.S.A. and Germany were critical to realizing our long-term production strategy.” 

Moss’s strategic supply chain was established by their global procurement staff holding the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) credential. Moss is also launching an Anti-fog Face Shield with the capacity to produce 160,000 of these per month. 

It has been reported that more than 90 percent of America’s face mask supply is produced in China. “In the face of domestic and global medical supply shortages, and unreliably distant suppliers, we’re here to fill a critical void and make a lasting public health impact,” Patterson said. 

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