OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics supplies COVID-19 efforts

Published On: April 10, 2020

Founded as a ribbon-weaving company in 1921, OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics has been a leading manufacturer of mission-critical textiles (for use in Personal Protective Equipment – PPE, and Apparel) since the 1970s. Our primary markets include:

  • First Responders (Fire Safety & Rescue, Emergency Health Services, Law Enforcement, etc.)
  • Defense (all branches of the military)
  • Industrial Safety

We at OTEX have always felt privileged to design and manufacture products that help protect and save lives, and this has never been more true than in these days where so many risk their own safety to help others.

Having been recognized as an essential manufacturer of “Life-Sustaining Products” by the Office of Governor Murphy, our Pennsylvania-based mill is busy producing the elastics, trims, and webbings that find their way into products on the front lines of the fight against the COVID19 pandemic.

Many of these include medical face masks, face shields, full-and-partial-face reusable respirators, and medical aprons and gowns – to name a few.

As one might expect, we have received a great influx of inquiries for narrow fabrics utilized in these types of products and are excited to collaborate with other companies, in order to combat the spread of this virus. We wish to extend an invitation to other producers of related PPE and Protective apparel to contact us with your supply questions and needs.

Learn much more about OTEX on our website (www.OSNF.com), or contact us directly (as listed below). For email inquiries: info@osnf.com.