IFAI Member Forum Webinars set

Published On: March 24, 2020

ATA division members are invited to attend a Member Forum Webinar. We encourage you to take part in an open conversation with other members about the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic and discuss how your company is doing/navigating through this situation. 

Discussion questions include:

  • What practices are you implementing to keep staff working further apart and at a safe distance from one another
  • What sort of hygiene practices have you instituted to keep work areas clean?
  • How is your company dealing with working remotely?
  • How is your company virtually networking?
  • What assistance is your company doing to help New York, or other states in need of health products?
  • What does your company need? 
  • How are you supporting other members?
  • Are there any ways that ATA can support you?
  • How is your business pivoting in different directions now that business is not as usual?
  • What other ideas or processes have you implemented that you could share to help others?

Join your division meeting at the times and dates listed below:

Makers Division  Register here
Wednesday, March 25 / 3 pm CT

Marine Fabricators Association (MFA)  Register here
Thursday, March 26 / 12 pm CT

Equipment Division (EQP)  Register here
Thursday, March 26 / 2 pm CT

Fabric Graphics Association (FGA)  Register here
Thursday, March 26 / 3:15 pm CT

Advanced Textile Products Division (ATP)  Register here
Friday, March 27 / 2 pm CT

Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA)  Register here
Monday, March 30 / 2 pm CT

Tarp Association (TA)  Register here
Monday, March 30 / 3:15 pm CT

Tent Rental Division (TRD)  Register here
Tuesday, March 31 / 2 pm CT

Fabric Structures Association (FSA)  Register here
Tuesday, March 31 / 3:15 pm CT

Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA)  Register here
Wednesday, April 1 / 12:45 pm CT

ATA Canada Register here
Wednesday, April 1 / 2 pm CT

U.S. Industrial Fabrics (USIFI) and Narrow Fabrics Institute (NFI) Register here
Thursday, April 2 / 2 pm CT

Military Division Register here
Thursday, April 2 / 3:15 pm CT