IFAI’s 2017 Smart Fabrics Program

Published On: March 29, 2017

Channeling exciting ideas into new product development.

At the 2017 Advanced Textiles Conference, four educational tracks—military, medical, smart fabrics and testing—will give attendees the latest news on the processes, products and profit potential in working with high-tech fabrics and fabrication techniques. The Advanced Textiles Conference, part of IFAI Expo 2017, will be held in New Orleans Sept. 26-29.

The Smart Fabrics Program is designed to give attendees access to experts, materials and education to help them bring new ideas, new materials and new products into commercial reality—bringing together textiles, technology, design and manufacturing. Showcasing innovative suppliers to the e-textiles market, exploring technologies ranging from mechanical, chemical and biological to electronic, the event will facilitate new ideas, new discussions and new and productive industry partnerships.

Also part of the Smart Fabrics Program:

  • The E-Textiles Workshop on the show floor will include “kits” for attendees on different types of technologies with ingredients that can be collected from exhibitors;
  • A Hackathon/Design Challenge using workshop materials will be judged by NCSU/ASSIST (The Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies) professors;
  • Regular 30-minute Market Discussions will facilitate networking and generate ideas;
  • “Ask the Experts” will take place Wednesday, Sept. 27 from 12-2 pm, giving participants the opportunity to get immediate answers from recognized professionals in a variety of fields.

For complete program information on the Smart Fabrics Program or the other educational opportunities offered by the Advanced Textiles Conference, visit http://ifaiexpo.com/smartfabrics.