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Outlast Technologies develops first heat management polyester fiber

December 28th, 2010 / By: / New Products

Outlast Technologies, a leader in heat management and moisture reduction technology, announces the introduction of Outlast® polyester fiber. After extensive research and development, Outlast has created the first-ever heat management polyester fibers, extending the range of applications and markets in which the technology can be used.The bi-component fiber has a phase change material (PCM) core and polyester sheath. Staple fibers of the polyester will launch in the market first, followed by filament fibers.

Outlast polyester features the added value of heat management with the same characteristics of other polyester fibers: low moisture absorption, ability to transport moisture, improved wrinkle resistance, water and wind resistance, and high tearing and abrasion resistance. The Outlast polyester is designed for functional apparel and other applications worn next to skin, including t-shirts, socks, base layers, athletic wear and underwear.

Source: Outlast Technologies

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