Claim Your Vista Listing

ATA members get a 1 year FREE Gold level listing! Click Here

Step 1

Logging into your Account

Go to and click the Sign In button. Your account has been created in advance using the email address that this message was sent to.  Your login ID is your email address.  Use the ‘Forgot your password?’ link to set a password.

*Your Vista account is not tied to your ATA/ account.

Step 2

Edit your FREE Listing

Once logged in, click on your Account name in the upper right-hand side of the site, and then select ‘Dashboard’ from the resulting dropdown.

Edit the listing indicated on the left hand side of the dashboard page.

Fill in the information you’d like to present in your listing, save, and return to your Dashboard. To view your listing, go to your Dashboard and click on Preview on your listing panel

Note that if categories have been pre-selected for your organization, they are based on information in the ATA database and may not be fully inclusive or what you want to represent on Vista.  Please add and/or remove categories, but keep in mind that the Free level of listing comes with a limit of 5 categories.  Additional categories may be selected at a cost of $50.00 each.


Account: This is your personal user account & includes information about you specifically, including your name and email address. Please note that your Vista account is not tied to your ATA/ account.

Listing: Think of this as your company account.  This houses demographic information about your organization as well as the categories that define the goods and services that your organization provides to the industry. Your Account has to be linked to your Listing in order for you to add or remove information to or from it.

Categories:  The search engine behind Vista uses categories to allow visitors to locate organizations by what they provide or do.  Categories are broken down by Application, Attributes & Characteristics, Company Type, Hardware/Equipment/Tools, Product Use, Services, and Textiles/Modifiers & Components

Classified:  A classified is an enhanced product category.  Something you can leverage to really showcase a single product or group of products in a way that makes it really stand out to users of Vista with the use of images, videos and product information.