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I. Video Release I give ATA permission to post my video in the ATA Technical Library. By releasing the video, the video will be posted once it is approved, in the ATA Technical Library and ATA websites. By posting my video, I acknowledge that my video is not copyrighted and is already posted on public viewing websites such as the YouTube channel or Vimeo.

II. Promotional Release ATA/EQP may use my name, my company name, my photograph and my biography in video promotions, which may include printed materials, electronic materials, publicity, and advertising, connected with my video for the ATA YouTube channel.

III. Approval Process My video must pass the 5 of 5 of the video criteria. ATA has the rights to approve and/or deny my video from being posted to the ATA Technical Library, or remove a video at any time for any reason.

IV. Video Altering ATA agrees not to alter videos posted to the ATA Technical Library. Special company mentions, or the mentioning of presenter’s names will not be altered in the video. Any branding in the presentation will not be altered in the video.