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Closca offers washable masks with disposable filters

Spanish company Closca Design has launched an innovative protective mask. Initially conceived to protect from smog, pollution, microorganisms and pollen, the Closca Mask has found an even more urgent use and has been adapted to be effective protection against coronavirus.   The six disposable filters included are the same as those used in FFP2 masks, which [...]

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GlideWear finds new applications in reducing friction

A variety of advanced textile products were discussed in sessions during ATA’s Pre-Expo Conference Oct. 15. Caroline Portoghese explained how her company’s product, called GlideWear, offers innovative skin protection by reducing friction and shear to prevent skin tears and blisters. The product has been used by athletes, burn patients wearing compression garments, in wheelchair components [...]

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LifeThreads® awarded agreement for healthcare worker uniforms

LifeThreads® LLC has been awarded a three-year group purchasing agreement with Premier, a leading healthcare improvement company. The new agreement allows Premier members at 3,900 U.S. hospitals and 150,000 other healthcare provider organizations to take advantage of terms pre-negotiated by Premier for the purchase of LifeThreads' products, including its Classic Collection of unisex and female [...]

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Biodegradable oil-absorbent mats on the market

Microplastics and marine pollution, including oil spills, have been gaining global attention. In response to those concerns, Wellgro Tech, Chennai, India, has recently brought biodegradable and environmentally benign oil-absorbent mats to the market. Oil-absorbent mats have been predominantly synthetic-based. With increasing awareness about marine pollution caused by plastics, Wellgro Tech has developed sustainable, non-synthetic composite [...]

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Adidas Futurecraft 4D uses 3-D printed midsole

“When a footwear innovator like adidas approaches a company that’s never made shoes, the industry takes notice,” says an article in Sourcing Journal. The footwear brand relied on Carbon Inc., a firm that marries molecular science to 3-D manufacturing, to help develop a new adidas sneaker. Engineers and designers at adidas set out to use liquids for the new [...]

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Unifrax launches new Insulfrax LTX thermal blankets

Unifrax recently unveiled its new Insulfrax LTX Products, lightweight, needled low-biopersistent blankets. The new product has been designed to offer lower thermal conductivity in a variety of industrial thermal management applications. According to the company, Insulfrax LTX Blankets are inorganic and binder-free, which may result in less dust.  The company says the blankets are now [...]

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G4 combat uniform by Crye, Invista

Crye Precision and Invista’s Cordura brand have teamed up to create a new military uniform. According to Fibre2Fashion, the G4 Uniform is made from Crye Precision’s proprietary VTX rip-stop material and constructed with stretch Cordura Nyco fabric technology. The G4 Uniform features a slim-cut design intended to reduce bulk and enhance wearer comfort under body [...]

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Rock Face releases FR base layers for military markets

Base layer clothing brand Rock Face has released flame-resistant (FR) and performance base layer products to enhance their offerings to military and tactical markets. In addition to FR properties, Rock Face’s base layers use Coville’s climaGuard, a textile technology that blends water-attracting and water-repelling fibers that allows garments to breathe, wick moisture and dry quickly. [...]

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Massif secures approval for new flight suit

Massif, a producer of flame-resistant technical apparel for the U.S. military, has attained Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) approval for its new 2-Piece Flight Suit. Fiber2Fashion reports that the company designed the flight suit using direct user feedback across multiple branches and platforms. The Massif team set out to enhance the capabilities of military service [...]

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Device tests compression garments during movement

Hohenstein Group has developed the next generation of its compression testing device, HOSYcan. The device records and analyzes compression measurements during movement and measures the interaction between different materials. Combined with data from Hohenstein’s 3D scanning database, simulated movement profiles may provide increased accuracy for specific applications. HOSYcan is designed to measure in static and [...]

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