This year’s Show Stopper winners

All the best from New Orleans: Thursday morning at IFAI Expo led off with lists of winners for the year, including the most popular products on the show floor. The sixth annual Show Stopper competition was designed to showcase the best of the best in the industry, from fabrics, equipment and chemicals to services and [...]

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ShowStoppers 2015

IFAI Expo 2015 will feature the fourth annual ShowStoppers competition, created to recognize the best of the best on the show floor. All IFAI Expo exhibitors are eligible to enter their new products and services for the chance to be awarded as a ShowStopper. A committee of industry specialists will choose the finalists in each [...]

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The 2013 ShowStoppers winners from IFAI Expo in Orlando

Eight exhibitors chosen by attendees as the best new products at the show. By Galynn Nordstrom For our second annual ShowStoppers competition, ATA received a total of 97 entries from 53 companies that were exhibiting at ATA Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 in Orlando. These eight products received the most votes from show attendees on opening [...]

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ShowStoppers 2013 competition at IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo

Last year, on ATA’s 100th anniversary, we inaugurated a new tradition at ATA Specialty Fabrics Expo: the ShowStoppers competition. At this year’s show in Orlando we’ll feature the second annual competition, as we seek to recognize the best of the best new products from our 2013 exhibitors: the newest, the coolest, the most useful and [...]

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Style 1925 polyester knitted mesh

Jason Mills LLC IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4213 New: 120-inch-wide, 100 percent polyester knitted mesh. Advantages: Dyed white, medium soft, fire-resistant finish (meets NFPA 701 large scale test). High resolution, high reflective gain, bright luster. Application: simulator impact screen; additional uses include protective apparel and patient slings. May be produced to meet Berry Amendment and [...]

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Terrakey synthetic leather from Sommers Plastic Products

Sommers Plastic Products Co. Inc. IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4067 New: Synthetic leather comprised of polyurethane-coated fabric. Advantages: Durable polyurethane surface (over 100,000 double rubs) has a strong 60/40 poly/cotton woven backing. Hide texture with overprint is 54 inches wide and exceeds all ACT standards for contract upholstery. Water repellent, stain resistant and easy to [...]

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SUREFAS® offers Q-SNAP® fasteners

SUREFAS®, Next Generation Fasteners IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4234 New: Secure fastener with stretch function. Advantages: Easy to use, stainless steel Q-SNAP is like a normal press fastener with two additional parts: a ring underneath the cloth and a gentle hook on deck. Turns fastener into secured connection that won’t pop loose, while incorporating a [...]

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Alutech United presents Scorpion Screen

Alutech United Inc. IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4251 New: Retractable (folding) insect screen. Advantages: Retractable insect screen for almost any size opening, including out-swinging doors, French doors, lanais and garage doors. With a bottom track that is only 3/16-inch tall, the bi-folding design allows the screen to be manually pushed and pulled effortlessly. Easy to [...]

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Volm offers mono tape shade cloth

Volm Companies IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4132 New: Raschel knitted structure of 100 percent virgin polyethylene (HDPE) UV-stabilized material. Advantages: Unique lock-stitch construction allows consumer to cut fabric without concern for unraveling. Monofilament yarn in the warp direction maximizes the strength properties of the fabric, while tape yarn in the weft direction provides premium shade [...]

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ChroMyxâ„¢ Leather Touch by Chameleon

Chameleon International LLC IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 5822 New: ChroMyx™ temperature–sensitive color changing polyurethane leather. Advantages: Attractive to the eyes and sensitive to the touch, Chameleon’s new polyurethane ChroMyx™ Leather Touch incorporates antimicrobial properties with high-performance durability. ChroMyx™ Leather Touch is engineered with a proprietary construction that utilizes Chameleon’s patented ChroMyx™ technology. Multiple colors, textures [...]

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