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Fluorine-free solution

Crypton’s C Zero is a new category of environmentally friendly, non-fluorinated performance enhancements. The finish technology provides resistance to water-based stains, such as sodas, coffee and wine, using an innovative, fluorine-free formula. C Zero is a factory-applied process; the entire fabric is immersed to ensure every fiber is treated, and the chemistry is cross-linked for [...]

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Stretching colorful options

Here is a winning formula for wide-format print shops: Produce vibrant, high-quality graphics quickly and easily on a variety of materials and in a more environmentally friendly manner. What’s the catch? There doesn’t appear to be one, which is why latex printing is increasingly becoming the choice for many commercial and industrial printing applications. [...]

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Productivity paired

Father and son team Stewart and Ross Brown embrace the challenge of change by making the most of their strengths.

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Path to success

FiberTect® illustrates a successful strategy for commercializing a new technology. “Applied research deserves Nobel prizes,” proclaimed the editorial of Nature Materials in January 2010...

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Cocktails under the sea

A birthday celebration at a private Beverly Hills estate became a lush, colorful ocean display for an opening day cocktail party, thanks to Revelry Event Designers, Los Angeles, Calif. A 120-foot-long brilliant undersea landscape...

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Cooped up in comfort

While The Right Angle Marine doesn’t have a website, the company did garner attention on Martha Stewart’s “American Made” web pages for another handy product, a collapsible fabric water carrier. Photo: Juli Woods An article in the New York Times calls the growth of backyard chicken coops a “chicken boomlet,” fueled by self-reliant [...]

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Behind the curves

Tensile structures add exciting new dimensions —and distinct engineering challenges— to the commercial shade products market. It could be said, like the mythical Greek lion-goat-snake beast the chimera, that the tensile awning is a creature of blended ancestors. Not long ago, structures with tensile fabric characteristics started appearing in places often reserved for framed awnings [...]

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At face value

Despite the hype, it isn’t all about social media. Contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t the only way to communicate with the masses.

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Keeping on top of trucking

Tarp manufacturers stay up to date with the needs of the transportation industry. Some folks see a semitrailer and think of it as nothing more than an object to pass before the next exit. Tyler Birden sees an object of curiosity...

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Mesh “lasso” rounds up data in space

Astro Aerospace designed the antenna and material to fit “a space not much bigger than a tall kitchen trash can” that unfolded into a surface shape accurate to within about an eighth of an inch. Photos: NASA Space is the final frontier, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) just sent a [...]

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