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Clean colors, elegant patterns

The Knoll Luxe collections by Dorothy Cosona include textiles woven with natural yarns such as cotton, linen and wool. The newest additions to the line include five upholstery fabrics (two patterns and three textures): Jasmine (multi-color stripe with four embroidery techniques), Petite Floral (small-scale floral), Amore (opulent with strong saturated tones), Demure (combination of wool [...]

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Noise-reduction panels

SoundCheck™ acoustic panels are wrapped in acoustically transparent fabric that can be custom printed with artwork or design. Noise is trapped inside the panels by insulation that absorbs 95 percent of sound waves. The panel frames, hand-crafted in Britten’s woodworking facility, are recommended for use in office spaces, reception areas, conference rooms, restaurants and shopping [...]

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Punch power

DOT Common Sense/Lift-the-DOT® Fastener Tool comes with two interchangeable dies—machined out of 4140 hardened steel—to prepare fabric for use with both Common Sense and Lift-the-DOT fasteners. Created by a marine fabricator, the tool was designed to save time and money by allowing fabricators to properly place fasteners and make small repairs without having to remove [...]

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Speedy printing

The ValueJet 1638UH hybrid printer features a staggered dual print head design for print speeds up to 220 square feet per hour, and dual UV lamps for decreased cure time and higher production capacity. It can print on roll material or rigid substrates up to a half-inch thick and can be managed remotely with Mutoh’s [...]

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Flame-resistant fabrics

New additions to the Resilience® line of flame-resistant fabrics feature cotton blended with high-tenacity nylon or Kevlar® for increased durability. Arapaho R is a 7.5-oz. cotton, nylon and Kevlar blend recommended for industries requiring flame-resistant garments that can stand up to intense wear and tear. Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X fabrics are cotton blends with 25 [...]

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Lush and vibrant

Inspired by the lifestyle of Miami, Fla., South Beach is Silver State’s latest Sunbrella® collection distributed through Alaxi. The hand is soft to the touch, colors are vivid but cool, and patterns are bold and forward. The Avenues pattern is geometric in design and multi-directional, Fontainebleu features railroaded stripe with a modern take on traditional [...]

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Rough and tough

Vaquero is a supple, faux leather with a soft suede-like feel. With ranch-inspired names like Apple Jack, Night Rider, Mesquite and Lariat, the color line evokes a western aesthetic and is available in 13 warm-toned SKUs. It can sustain extreme temperature and exceeds 100,000 cycles on the Wyzenbeek durability test. Enduratex™ Mira Loma, Calif., USA [...]

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Visible protection

Teijin’s high-visibility aramid fiber fabric is suited for use in high-visibility protective apparel. Along with its extra-vivid coloring and resistance to fading, it is fully compliant with ISO 20471:2013, the international standard for high-visibility clothing that enables others to see the wearer in a variety of lighting conditions. Teijin developed the fabric in collaboration with [...]

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Flexible testing

The air permeability tester is compact, easy to transport and can be operated without external power supply. It allows for non-destructive testing on the finished product and caters for various air permeability tests across a wide measuring range. Operators can choose between more than 100 units of measure and, in addition to textiles, the TX15 [...]

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Sustainable fabrics

INSQIN® waterborne polyurethane (PU) technology enables material sustainability for PU-coated fabrics. PU brings functionality to a range of coated, finished or printed textile materials used in fashion, sports and outdoorwear. Examples of PU fabrics are the synthetic materials used by the fashion industry (shoes, garments), the sportswear industry (footwear) and the outdoor industry (waterproof and [...]

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