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Tent Rental Division of Industrial Fabrics Association International Shows Appreciation to Frontline Medical Workers by Promoting Nationwide “CARES” Day

The Tent Rental Division (TRD) of Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) is showing support for frontline medical workers that are serving during the COVID-19 pandemic by promoting the tent rental industry's nationwide "CARES" day. "CARES" day, happening Aug. 29, 2020, was created by the USTSA (United States Tent and Structure Alliance). USTSA is a group of [...]

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Covering the environment

Eco-concerns increase in truck and tarp industry These days, nearly every business is burdened with some kind of environmental challenge. These challenges include cutting landfill deposits, disposing toxic-laden wastes in a proper manner and educating employees on workplace recycling. Nearly every company has pressures from regulators and customers to change their products and processes to [...]

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Getting the word out about fabric graphics

Interpreting the interior of a conch shell, the SeaShell from The Originators Design was a custom design and on-site build for an air freshener pop-up store. The structure utilized air-brushed stretch fabric and a lot of highly contorted PVC frame. Photo: SC Johnson & Son. Fabric graphics have become a marketing and branding [...]

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Revealing the romance of sailcloth tents

Trendspotting online shows tent renters and manufacturers what brides are looking for. If you want to know what’s trending in fashionable apparel, look to Paris, France. If you want to know what’s trending in automotive design, look to Torino, Italy. If you want to know what’s trending in cuisine, look on either coast of the [...]

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Start to finish

Fabric structure companies with metal shops make material decisions based on multiple factors. Site conditions, local building codes, aspects of design and customer preferences dictate the type of metal used with fabric structures, says Gerald Thompson, CEO of Awnings of Hollywood. His company works with high-strength steel pipe and tubing, aluminum pipe and tubing, and [...]

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Demand + supply = prevail

Photos by Rudy Meyers Photography Robert Cole brings decades of experience and common sense to the time-honored but always evolving economic model of supply and demand. One of the great things this industry has to offer is the quality of its suppliers,” says Robert Cole, ATA Honored Life Member (HLM) and owner of [...]

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Just right

With the right guidelines and strategies, calculating the correct square footage for a tented event can be more science than art. Accurately calculating the amount of space a tented event requires is a critical component of the service that tent and event professionals provide. A too-small structure will result in an overcrowded event, impeding flow [...]

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Taking center stage

Circle K and Kangaroo Express Speed Street entertained thousands of guests in May in Charlotte, N.C. Parmalee, a country rock band, and country singer-songwriter Corey Smith performed on the main stage in the heart of the Queen City. Photo: 600 Festival Association Whether they are watching an orchestra performing under a soft-sided band [...]

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Attachment issues

Connecting a tent to a building poses a set of challenges for tent installers. Stability, weatherproofing, auxiliary HVAC systems and custom flooring all need to be accounted for. These projects almost always require customized solutions that take the unique environment of the building and the tent site into consideration. One of the biggest considerations is [...]

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Work smarter

Tools and strategies to help tent rental companies get maximum efficiency from their crews. “Our philosophy is that installing tents is hard. How can we make it easier for the installer?” posits Kenny Puff, armed with an answer. “Every tent installer should have his own toolkit with the basics so they’re not continually borrowing or [...]

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