Industrial Fabrics Association International is now Advanced Textiles Association.

Why change our name?

After a Board of Directors recommendation, IFAI set out to “reimagine” what IFAI can and must be to best serve its various members and markets in a swiftly evolving textiles industry. The goal was to find a name and acronym that was more inclusive of the textiles, fabrics, and materials that make up the marketplace that IFAI already serves. The feeling was that the word “industrial” didn’t represent the materials that members were manufacturing and applying in various projects. Most textiles and fabrics have become engineered to meet the needs of the application field. From awnings to aerospace, marine to geosynthetics, tent, fabric graphics and fabric structures, the textiles that serve the industries that IFAI serves are advanced, technical and engineered. MDG, IFAI’s marketing partner, surveyed members on how they described the materials that they were working with and it soon became evident that IFAI needed a name that better represented the applications and textiles already in use by members.

New Purpose, Vision and Ends

These core statements represent our exciting future.

Advanced Textiles better represent the growing nature of our industry and members – as there is so much amazing innovation happening in  textiles.  Plus, our members’ textiles are used in so many applications that “industrial” was a limiting name.

Tony Ehrbar

American Tent
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Over my decades of involvement with our organization, I have greatly appreciated the vibrant, collaborative community that is IFAI. I’ve found myself wishing that all of my customers had access to the networking, education, and knowledge available, but saw how many of them didn’t immediately see a home for manufacturers of their particular products within the association. As we present ourselves as the Advanced Textiles Association, we are positioned to continue the work that’s being done and see its reach grow across the textile industry as a whole, without self-imposed assumptions about who it applies to.

Jonathan Palmer

Grass Valley, California

The new name of IFAI is so much more than just a name change, it is a new beginning. The association has weathered a lot as we all have in last few years and emerged even stronger and more efficient than ever before. The new name better represents all sectors of this amazing industry and there are more changes to come to better focus our efforts for all members. ATA is a volunteer organization and it’s volunteers that make it work. This new name and new focus will engage more members and deliver more services to all sectors and markets with better focus and greater results than ever before. I’m proud to be part of this great group of volunteers that are moving IFAI into the next phase along with an amazing staff of IFAI team members.

Marc Shellshear

Value Vinyls
Grand Prairie, Texas

I am proud to see our industry’s largest trade organization rebrand themselves to reflect the challenging work they accomplish every day to ensure their member organizations receive the absolute best support possible. The transition from IFAI to ATA was carefully researched and analyzed, highlighting the organization’s ongoing culture of leadership in the areas of customer service, value proposition and network building. The new ATA is poised to support our industry needs today

Jennifer Fennell

Polo Custom Products
Topeka, Kansas

Thriving for Over 110 Years

On September 12, 1912, 14 manufacturers of canvas and awnings met at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver and formed the National Tent & Awning Association. Since then, we have evolved our name four times to meet the needs of the current industry landscape. This change to Advanced Textiles Association is now the latest update in a storied history of staying at the forefront of the textiles industry.


National Tent and Awning Manufacturers Association


National Canvas Goods Manufacturers Association


Canvas Products Association International


Industrial Fabrics Association International