Responsive textiles with infrared technology

Published On: November 5, 2020

In a presentation titled, “Amplifying Human Energy to Drive Performance and Recovery,” Hologenix LLC co-founder and CEO Seth Casden described the company’s Celliant® technology and explained how responsive textiles using infrared energy can increase tissue oxygen levels, which can improve athletic performance and recovery, sleep quality and general health and wellness. 

All sentient beings emit heat, Casden said, but 60 percent of body heat is lost into the environment. The company’s product is designed to support the body’s ability to use the energy created in each human cell. Using bioceramic technology, fibers are coated or embedded with minerals to reflect and generate infrared (IR) energy. The company’s bioceramic yarn has silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and titanium dioxide permanently linked into the fibers. This helps the body to use its own energy. “You’re freeing up resources,” he said, so the body doesn’t have to work as hard.

The company expects the product to find future applications in treating chronic pain, pressure injuries, skin care, fibromyalgia and other medical conditions. Most recently, Celliant technology will be used in Virgin Galactic spacesuits. 

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