November 2011

  • Published On: November 30, 2011

    The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog makes headlines each year with a selection of fantasy gifts for the extremely well-to-do, and 2011 is no exception. If a $420,000 trip to several international flower shows with nine close personal friends doesn’t appeal, how about staying earthbound in a $75,000 hand-painted yurt with a crystal chandelier, designer down-filled [...]

  • Published On: November 29, 2011

    Getting color just right is an ongoing challenge. The AATCC Color Guidebook is a valuable resource to help meet that challenge and expertly manage the color supply chain. The Color Guidebook explains possible problems with color control programs, and offers best practices for managing such programs. Chapters cover color order systems, colorants, textiles, instrumental measurement, [...]

  • Published On: November 28, 2011

    BondCote Corp. strives to provide high-performance quality engineered fabrics at a fair price in the military, industrial, athletic, recreation and medical markets. Current and potential customers now have immediate access to new developments and the means to view extensive testing on these developments. The company can now be followed on YouTube and LinkedIn, and the [...]

  • Published On: November 25, 2011

    The President’s E Awards are the highest and most prestigious awards to honor U.S. exporters and organizations that support exporting. Applications will be accepted between Nov. 7, 2011 and Jan. 23, 2012. There are two types of E Awards: The President’s E Award for Exports is awarded to a firm or organization that has made [...]

  • Published On: November 24, 2011

    Genesis Plastics Welding, a leading medical device contract manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) welded products, has announced a manufacturing agreement with Future Path Medical Holding Company LLC, a medical device company, to produce the company’s breakthrough iBag™ urine management bag, a part of the FDA-cleared iBag Systems. The iBag System combines a disposable, sensor-enabled urine [...]

  • Published On: November 23, 2011

    cKinetics, a sustainability accelerator providing operational consulting and strategic services, has announced the launch of its annual sustainability report for the textile sector. “March to Sustainability 2011” highlights sustainability plans of leading brands and retailers for their global textile supply chains. In a global market dotted with increasing regulation and growing consumer preferences for sustainable [...]

  • Published On: November 22, 2011

    Techmer PM, a major producer of value-added colors and additives for the plastics and fiber industries, has announced the opening of a new center for the design and compounding of specialty engineering plastics in Rancho Dominguez, Calif., U.S.A. This new business unit of will be called Techmer Engineered Solutions (TES). The concept for TES began [...]

  • Published On: November 21, 2011

    As part of a research project, “Absorber systems for laser welding of textiles,” scientists at the Hohenstein Institute are currently working with colleagues from the German Wool Research Institute in Aachen on developing new infrared absorber systems to improve the quality of laser welded seams, both mechanically and visually. This should enable the laser welding [...]

  • Published On: November 18, 2011

    Bud Weisbart, A&R Tarpaulins Inc. vice president, and student employee Ms. Yukasa Shida, in her final year as an MBA student, were inducted into the Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society at Cal State San Bernardino. The induction took place during the charter meeting of the Honor Society at the university and was in recognition [...]

  • Published On: November 17, 2011

    Vietnam is a true emerging market, offering ground floor and growing opportunities for U.S. exporters and investors. Join the webinar on Dec. 9, 9-10:15 a.m. EST, and gain knowledge about the export opportunities and best prospects in the market; participants also meet key contacts at the U.S. Commercial Service Offices in Vietnam. This webinar is [...]