ATA’s Professional Certification Program recognizes individuals for superior knowledge, skills, experience and dedication to excellence in a variety of specialty fabric product and management categories.

ATA currently provides certification in two areas:

  • The Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC) certification tells your customers that you have demonstrated the highest level of expertise in all phases of product design, craftsmanship and installation for the marine, awning or fabric graphics specialties.
  • The Industrial Fabric Manager (IFM) certification tells your customers that you have superior knowledge of the principles and practices of business and organizational management.

While no longer offered, ATA continues to support two additional certification designations:

  • The Certified Craftsman (CC) requires a minimum of three years’ experience manufacturing specialty fabric products. It recognizes professionals who have a fundamental level of skill and knowledge in the standard principles of product design, craftsmanship and installation.
  • The Certified Project Manager Requires three or more years in product design and customer relations. It recognizes excellence in product design, cost estimating and site inspection as well as superior skills in salesmanship and customer involvement.

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