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Planning a successful landfill liner installation

There are many regulations and requirements associated with landfill liner installations. For example, when planning the installation of a new municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF), there are three important federal requirements that must be met: groundwater monitoring, closure and post-closure care, and financial assurance (EPA 2021). These requirements are in addition to state regulations that [...]

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Raven adds smooth-edge technology to extruded geomembranes

Raven now offers HydraLine in 23-foot (7-m) wide seamless, smooth-edge, textured mill rolls. Raven Industries Inc. announced that its Engineered Films division has incorporated new smooth-edge technology onto its seven-layer barrier extrusion line for the production of 23-foot (7-m) wide textured sheet geomembranes. The new smooth-edge extrusion process creates a high-quality smooth surface edge on [...]

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Environmental Protection Inc. shares tips on cold weather installation of geomembranes

As the seasons change and temperatures shift, Environmental Protections Inc. (EPI) has put together some suggested installation methods during cold weather conditions.  No surprise that location and climate may play a larger role than originally planned in the seasonal changes. With the goal to protect your project and material, the best way to do this [...]

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IKO to acquire Axter’s waterproofing membrane division

IKO, a global leader in the manufacture of residential and commercial roofing products and insulation, has announced that it has struck a deal in which it intends to acquire Axter’s waterproofing membrane division from the SMAC group. An information and consultation process is currently underway with the relevant stakeholders and will be completed before the [...]

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Geomembrane wrinkles: Your challenges and solutions

Wrinkles are all too common when installing a new geomembrane. Small wrinkles can turn into cracks under pressure. That, in turn, can compromise the integrity of an entire geomembrane installation and cause a costly amount of damage. In this article, we take a closer look at why geomembrane wrinkles form and how you can avoid [...]

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IGS North America to host webinar on electrical leak location

The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) will sponsor a webinar, “IGS Electrical Leak Location Seminar Series Ep. 4,” on May 14, from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. CDT. The webinar will explain ASTM D8265: The new standard practice for covered geomembrane testing. The aim of the newly published standard practice for covered geomembrane electrical leak location testing [...]

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E Squared offering webinars

While we are all staying safe during these trying times, we can also take this opportunity to learn. E Squared is offering “No Lunch, Just Learn” complimentary webinars. The company can schedule a webinar for your remote staff. It is essentially the same presentation they provide during onsite Lunch & Learns, except without the lunch. [...]

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Coated fabrics for secondary containment applications

The importance of environmental control In the U.S., dealing with environmentally hazardous liquids calls for conforming to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules, along with state and local requirements for secondary containment and under-dispenser containment. As part of your response plan in the event of a leak, contingencies are required for leak prevention and [...]

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Performance benefits of factory-fabricated geomembrane liners

Geomembranes are meant to provide a practically impermeable barrier for large-scale containment of liquids and gasses. Therefore, geomembrane liners are manufactured for the lowest possible permeability, depending on the application and chemicals involved. However, the amount of seam welding, patching, and other fieldwork that is carried out during their installation can play a significant role [...]

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AGRU introduces CleanSeam for geomembranes

AGRU released CleanSeam, a new product configuration for AGRU geomembrane liners that integrates a protective release film on the weld edges of the geomembrane. CleanSeam eliminates or greatly reduces the potential for fine soils, waste materials, and stockpile dust from coming into contact with seaming areas during or prior to geosynthetics installation.  The negative impacts [...]

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