Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: Effective stormwater management

Changing climate conditions demanded a comprehensive project that protects Amsterdam’s airport from stormwater. The effects of climate change are noticeable on a global level. More extreme weather conditions require adaptations that issue a special challenge to high-risk construction and critical infrastructure components.  TenCate Geosynthetics joined forces with the Hydraulic Engineering Company, Syntraal and other local companies to develop and provide sophisticated climate-adaptive stormwater management solutions, called “Aquabase.” In the framework of a pilot project for [...]

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Benefits of woven and nonwoven geotextiles

Woven geotextile fabrics are manufactured through traditional weaving of individual threads into sizeable sheets. Individual threads are made of different kinds of materials, ranging from fibrillated yarns to monofilaments, slit films, etc. They are woven together on a specialized loom to create a large, uniform piece or sheet of geotextile material. Because of this process, [...]

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HUESKER Group launches Fortrac T eco PET recycled yarn geogrid

HUESKER Group announced that the Fortrac T geogrid is now available in the ecoLine version. The flexible, resilient geogrid for reinforced soil structures is made from 100% recycled polyester (PET) yarns. The company had previously introduced another product in the ecoLine, HaTelit C eco asphalt reinforcement, also made from recycled PET yarns. By dispensing with [...]

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Planning a successful landfill liner installation

There are many regulations and requirements associated with landfill liner installations. For example, when planning the installation of a new municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF), there are three important federal requirements that must be met: groundwater monitoring, closure and post-closure care, and financial assurance (EPA 2021). These requirements are in addition to state regulations that [...]

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Ocean City, N.J., plans more geotextile tubes to protect beaches

By Maddy Vitale In a continuing effort to protect Ocean City’s beaches from coastal storms that chip away at the coastline, the New Jersey city is moving forward with plans to install another barrier in the areas most vulnerable to erosion. Geotextile tubes are gigantic sock-like cylinders made of plastic fabric and stuffed with sand. [...]

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Raven adds smooth-edge technology to extruded geomembranes

Raven now offers HydraLine in 23-foot (7-m) wide seamless, smooth-edge, textured mill rolls. Raven Industries Inc. announced that its Engineered Films division has incorporated new smooth-edge technology onto its seven-layer barrier extrusion line for the production of 23-foot (7-m) wide textured sheet geomembranes. The new smooth-edge extrusion process creates a high-quality smooth surface edge on [...]

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CETCO’s new RESISTEX Universal GCL Series unveiled

As a new class of polymer-modified geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) that will be added to CETCO’s existing RESISTEX GCL family, the RESISTEX Universal GCL series performs well against calcium chloride (CaCl2). CETCO can now offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to address a wide spectrum of leachates. Designed to withstand medium- to high-strength leachates, [...]

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Environmental Protection Inc. shares tips on cold weather installation of geomembranes

As the seasons change and temperatures shift, Environmental Protections Inc. (EPI) has put together some suggested installation methods during cold weather conditions.  No surprise that location and climate may play a larger role than originally planned in the seasonal changes. With the goal to protect your project and material, the best way to do this [...]

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CETCO unveils RESISTEX Universal Geosynthetic Clay Liner series

At this year’s GeoAmericas 2020 Online conference, CETCO paid homage to the event’s motto, “Geosynthetics Solutions for a Fast-Changing World,” by introducing its innovative geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) line extension, the RESISTEX Universal GCL series.  As a new class of polymer-modified GCLs that will be added to CETCO’s existing RESISTEX GCL family, the RESISTEX Universal [...]

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IKO to acquire Axter’s waterproofing membrane division

IKO, a global leader in the manufacture of residential and commercial roofing products and insulation, has announced that it has struck a deal in which it intends to acquire Axter’s waterproofing membrane division from the SMAC group. An information and consultation process is currently underway with the relevant stakeholders and will be completed before the [...]

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