Enhancing the “legitimacy” of portable structures

A collection of temporary structures throughout the “Google on the Beach 2015” (GoB) event in Cannes, France, featured small fabric-roofed pavilions using atypical materials. Photos: Google. The concept of a portable structure seems contrary to normal expectations. A building, after all, should be grounded with a solid footing and not move! Nevertheless, Aaron [...]

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Faith in the details

When it comes to specifying hardware for shade structures, fabricators and clients can rely on the wisdom of “sweating the details.” Commuters on the metro transit bus system in Mesa, Ariz., can appreciate the relief from the sun provided by the West Mesa Park and Ride. A dynamic crisscrossed row of curved red steel [...]

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A steel-framed fabric building shelters, protects and stores

Mosaic Esterhazy K3 mine, located outside of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada, is the largest potash mine in the world, with an annual capacity of 5.3 million tons. Photo: Greg Huszar Photography. With the global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, agriculture must overcome myriad demands required to feed so many people. A [...]

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Sheltering safety standards

Reaching a maximum height of 115 feet, this 700-foot-long by 300-foot-wide dome engineered and fabricated by Dünn Lightweight Architecture is one of the largest fabric-covered structures in the U.S. Photo: IIHS. Rain or shine, fabric roofing structure allows a crash test facility to continue research year-round. Earlier this year, the National Safety Council [...]

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Getting the word out about fabric graphics

Interpreting the interior of a conch shell, the SeaShell from The Originators Design was a custom design and on-site build for an air freshener pop-up store. The structure utilized air-brushed stretch fabric and a lot of highly contorted PVC frame. Photo: SC Johnson & Son. Fabric graphics have become a marketing and branding [...]

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Adding lighting to outdoor attractions

For a community event in Los Angeles called “Dark Nights,” AirDD used its Hi-Light™ fixtures to create an illuminated forest of wick-shaped designs in a variety of bright colors. Not only did it draw crowds, according to company founder Doron Gazit, but visitors snapped pictures of themselves and promoted the event on social media. [...]

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Soaking up the sun

To customize the interior finished fabric of the house, RISD students sought technical guidance. Transformit staff showed the students how to create another two-fabric construction. The students tensioned each knitted panel around an internal frame with stretch fabric on the backside, and then mounted them closely to the house’s interior walls using hidden standoffs. [...]

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Finding shelter in fabric

Military shelters from Alaska Structures® are able to provide solutions for rapid deployment operations, warehousing and storage facilities and machinery or automotive worksites. Photos: Alaska Structures. Alaska Structures® Inc. recently completed a contract for 365 new and improved U.S. Air Force Medium Shelter Systems. The United States Air Force (USAF) is no slouch [...]

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Ideas in harness

Photos by Cory Rossiter Michael Lester doesn't shy away from a challenge. He builds a team of fellow innovators and comes up with tensioned fabric solutions. "We’re always innovating,” says Michael Lester, managing director of MakMax Australia Pty. Ltd. in Brisbane, Australia, a world-renowned company building custom membrane structures and manufacturing a range [...]

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Tropical canopies

At the dedication of the new U.S. Embassy in Vientiane, Laos, spectators and diplomats were sheltered from the glare and potential rain by an arcade topped by an ETFE-roofed canopy. Transparent ETFE panels inset in a framework of repeating bisected diamond shapes create an architectural “folded plate” configuration, a historical design motif that harkens [...]

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