Macy’s chooses MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®

The Hohenstein Institute has announced that Macy’s will bring MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® labels to select private brand sheets and towels. Macy’s says that selecting the MADE IN GREEN label is a way to make the company’s sustainability initiatives visible to shoppers. Because the label is traceable, customers can confirm the textile’s manufacturing origins [...]

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GeoTyping DNA tagging traces global cotton substitution  

The GeoTyping Beta Program uses a known library of biomarkers that designate the DNA fingerprint of the cotton cultivar, including genus, species and one of 70 different geographic-cultivar-dependent genotypes.Applied DNA Sciences has announced its GeoTyping Beta Program. Cotton samples may be submitted during the month of February by brands and retailers interested in identifying country [...]

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Annual Global Fibers Congress stresses sustainability, responsibility

An article in Fashionating World reports that more than 700 participants from over 30 countries took part in the 56th Man-Made Fibers Congress in Dornbirn, Austria. Key areas of discussion included fiber innovations; fibers, textiles and nonwovens for health care and hygiene; protective applications; sports and leisure wear. The three-day event also included a young [...]

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Beaulieu introduces EqoBalance polyamide yarns

Beaulieu announced its new EqoBalance PA6 yarns. Production of the polyamide yarns follows the biomass balance approach, which ensures at the start of the supply chain that natural renewable raw materials partially or completely replace fossil fuel sources. The process uses resources such as biogas or bio-naphtha to manufacture the polyamide. The share of bio-based [...]

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Biodegradable fleece wins Eco Performance Award

Biopile fabric does not release dangerous microplas­tics,into the environment. Photo: VAUDE. Biopile, a fleece fabric manufactured as a collaboration between outdoor manufacturer VAUDE and the Italian fabric producer Pontetorto, received the Eco Performance Award at the Performance Days trade fair for functional fabrics and sport accessories. Knitting Industry reports that Pontetorto launched its [...]

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OEKO-TEX surveys 11,000 consumers for textile sustainability study

The OEKO-TEX® Association, in commemoration of its 25th anniversary, announces that it has commissioned a global research study to assess consumer attitudes about textile sustainability. Titled The Key to Confidence: Consumers and Textile Sustainability—Attitudes, Changing Behaviors, and Outlooks, the study of more than 11,000 clothing and home textile consumers around the world examined topics ranging from concerns about [...]

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Germany will host “Sustainable Textile School” reports that a “Sustainable Textile School” will be held in Chemnitz, Germany, September 18–20, 2017. Researchers and industry experts will discuss how businesses in the textile industry can develop a more sustainable approach to their operations. In the interests of encouraging the next generation of textile experts, students will be able to participate through [...]

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OEKO-TEX addresses sustainability at FIT and AAFA events

Global standards for the textile industry will be discussed by OEKO-TEX at the Summer Conference at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) June 5–8, 2017. The Summer Conference at FIT, titled “Sustainability & Textiles—New Models,” will address sustainability standards, closed loop and circular economies, farm to fashion and textile innovations. The AAFA Product Safety Seminar sponsored by OEKO-TEX will be [...]

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Plastic debris spun into adidas running shoes

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans are turning plastic debris into performance footwear as part of a two-year partnership. Parley for the Oceans is an organization dedicated to bringing creatives together to help end the pollution of our oceans. The new UltraBOOST running shoes will repurpose an average of 11 found plastic bottles per pair [...]

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Sympatex partners with Lenzing on laminates

Sympatex Technologies recently presented the first results of its new cooperation with Austrian fiber manufacturer Lenzing AG. The companies are producing functional laminates based on botanic TENCEL® fibers. The laminates are intended to provide clothing with breathability and comfort while protecting the wearer from wind and water. According to Lenzing, TENCEL fibers are produced using [...]

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