Advanced Textiles Association debuts new logo

Published On: July 28, 2022

Advanced Textiles Association (ATA), recently launched their new logo. ATA became the official new name of the association formerly known as Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), on June 1 and have now released their new look.

The goal was to find a name and acronym that was more inclusive of the textiles, fabrics, materials that make up the marketplace that IFAI already serves. IFAI set out to “reimagine” what IFAI can and must be to best serve its various members and markets in a swiftly evolving textiles industry. 

“We wanted to create something recognizable while updating the logo and colors. We also hoped to hint at the growth that IFAI has had in the last several years,” said ATA President and CEO Steve Schiffman. “We think this design that includes a similar red, green, blue color palette capitalizes on the brand equity that IFAI has built and the ATA bursting out of the circle represents the growth in benefits and programs that are offered by ATA.”

The new logo will soon replace the previous IFAI logo on all digital and print ATA assets.