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Deep dive into roller shades

November 13th, 2020 / By: / Expo News

Interior shade can be an important aspect of how people perceive the comfort of a room in terms of lighting, temperature and acoustics. While people may take that shading for granted, says Colin Blackford, director of business development at Mermet USA, the right type of shading gives “occupants a sense of control over their environment.”

Blackford presented a discussion on roller shades at ATA Virtual Expo 2020. His presentation was an in-depth look at the two core materials that shades are made of—fiberglass and polyester—along with the benefits and weaknesses of each. He described how each option is manufactured and how they measure up under testing conditions.

During a discussion of the common weave patterns of these materials, Blackford explained that the more openings per square inch, the sharper the view through the shade. Which is why, according to Blackford, the specific weaving properties of fiberglass lend itself to a sharper view.

Blackford discussed fire and other certifications for both fiberglass and polyester during the session, including product transparency, Greengard, RoHS compliant (lead free), cradle to cradle (related to human health issues), and ASTM21 and ASTM E280 for fungal resistance and antimicrobial properties.

Summarizing his presentation, Blackford says a fiberglass core is the best value in roller shades because of its durability, superior view and overall stability. However, he says, the right purchasing decision comes down to a buyer’s primary objective: shade, wind protection or UV protection.

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