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Raven offers BioFlex PE film for disposable isolation gowns

August 13th, 2020 / By: / COVID-19, News

Raven Engineered Films is manufacturing a new Berry Amendment compliant plastic film to help meet the high demands for personal protection equipment (PPE). Raven BioFlex™ I270C is a high-strength polyethylene film used in the manufacturing of nonsurgical disposable medical isolation gowns. BioFlex™ film is manufactured with premium quality colorless polyethylene for the production of high-demand personal protective equipment (PPE) materials. 

BioFlex™ I270C meets the barrier protection and physical property requirements for single use isolation gowns under the AAMI level 1 standards for use in a health care setting and are tested to conform with ASTM F3352 and ANSI standards. BioFlex™ I270C premium polyethylene film is designed with a low-weight to high-strength ratio for excellent pliability and ease of heat sealability resulting in strong heat welded seams for optimal protection.

  • Single-Use and Disposable
  • Colorless Premium Polyethylene – 100% Latex Free
  • Meets the Berry Amendment, “Made in the USA”

BioFlex™ I270C premium polyethylene film is used for the manufacturing of nonsurgical isolation gowns designed to aide in the protection of healthcare professionals and patients from cross infection in clinical and laboratory settings. BioFlex™ I270C film provides excellent fluid resistance and aides in the prevention of coming in contact with the spread of infectious liquid and solid materials.

  • Conforms with ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 1 protection
  • Not intended for high-risk surgical procedure gowns

All Raven products are manufactured and tested in a quality-controlled environment and an accredited testing laboratory under a stringent ISO 9001 certified management system. Contact Raven for a quote today at +1 (800) 635-3456, currently producing BioFlex™ film with quick processing and delivery timelines.