MMI Textiles shares list of available medical inventory

Published On: March 24, 2020

Shawn McCollum, director of sales and business development at MMI Textiles, has announced that the company is currently providing immediate needs for medical textiles and components to customers who are looking to manufacture bedding, surgical gowns/drapes, masks, shoe covers, protective coveralls, curtains, temporary structures, etc.  MMI also access to completed surgical masks and PPE/protective coveralls, as well as imported raw materials to complete these items.  

McCollum notes, “Our inventory is constantly changing.  If you don’t see it on these lists, please reach out to your salesperson or me at the email below.  This inventory is first come, first serve.  We will begin posting this inventory on our website starting tomorrow (March 24).  

Some of the products currently in inventory or immediate availability (import and domestic) include:

Medical Textiles and Components

  • White sheeting (3-5 oz) ready to ship for pillowcases, bedsheets, gowns, lab coats, mask liners, etc.
  • Domestic raw materials to make masks, coveralls/gowns, shoe covers, hospital curtains or temporary structures/tents
  • Spun bond, non-woven materials (25-50gsm 126” wide) used for shoe covers, surgical gowns/drapes, masks, etc.
  • Breathable composite film to be laminated to non-woven for protective coveralls
  • Fabrics for hospital mattress covers
  • Elastic cording for surgical masks
  • Webbing, hook and loop, elastic, buckles, woven and knitted fabrics 

Finished Medical items (2-3 week lead time to ship, pricing is FOB China with no freight added.  Freight would be determined by how quick you need product)

  • Imported facemasks (meets FDA/Niosh N95)
  • Imported Protective gowns (meets FDA/Niosh N95)

 McCollum can be reached or 440-899-8050.