CPAI-84 and ANSI 4950

Published On: August 1, 2011

Is CPAI-84 equivalent to ANSI 4950?

CPAI-84, which originated with the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA), is designed to assess flame-retardant materials used in camping tents. ANSI 4950 is the responsibility of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is intended to evaluate welding pads, blankets and curtains that are used in ‘hot work’ conditions.

Given the very different natures of the products involved, it’s not surprising to discover that the tests are not equivalent. There are some similarities, such as each having methods for both vertical and horizontal placement. However, ultimately the tests measure different burning characteristics. CPAI-84 measures char length and afterflame, with ignition sources including a Bunsen burner or burn tablet. ANSI 4950 uses a cutting torch as an ignition source, and measures char, burn through, and thermal transmittance.



Juli Case is ATA‘s information and technical services manager.