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Teijin launches “Earth Symphony” mark for eco-friendly products

June 29th, 2010 / By: / New Products

Teijin Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, has announced the launch of its Earth Symphony mark to show users that Teijin Group products meet company-established Design for Environment (DfE) guidelines for environmental friendliness throughout their lifecycles. The mark will be displayed, with related information, with products, in catalogs, brochures, labels, tags and webpages, and provided upon request when customers purchase qualified Teijin products.

The group-wide DfE system was devised in 2007 with the aim to promote environmentally friendly product design by assessing the environmental impact that the products will have throughout their lifecycles—from procurement to production, sales, use and disposal. Criteria are in six categories: safety, energy saving, resource saving, environmental conservation, provision of information, and environmental impact reduction in the manufacturing stage. Teijin’s goal is to raise Earth Symphony products’ share of total sales from 5 percent at present to 30 percent by fiscal year 2020.

SOURCE: Teijin Ltd.

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