Employment Branding – What Message Does Your Brand Send?

Every organization has an employment brand. This brand tells the world what it’s like to be a part of your organization. Employment branding is very similar to branding that organizations create for their products or services. In the branding of automobiles, some brands have the image of being sporty and fast, while other images of family, soccer games, and versatility. In the same regard, organizations have brands as to what it is like to be an employee. Some have images of a very structured and formal environment, while others are relaxed and embrace fun. Branding should be intentional and reflect the organization’s culture.

What is your organization’s brand?

Participants attending this webinar will learn how to determine their employment brand and how to develop a brand that will attract top talent.

Speaker: Rita Revels

President & CEO

Employers Network

Flexible Pavement Design with Geogrids – Design Theory, Technical Basis, and State of the Practice – Part 1

This two-part webinar sponsored by Tensar will discuss the use of geogrids in flexible pavements, with a focus on the requirements for proper design and successful applications. These sessions will provide a detailed overview of the design of flexible pavements using geogrids, including the underlying pavement design methods, the requirements for quantifying benefit and validating performance, and the proper means of incorporating the contribution of geogrids within accepted design methodology.

Speaker: Bryan Gee, Director of Education and Training at Tensar

How acquiring funds for your business has changed since COVID-19

As the business climate has changed with COVID-19, companies will need to understand how to get back to their operations in a new financial environment. Having capital to grow their business and acquire equipment will be a crucial component to success.

This workshop will offer advice geared to all types of capital and provide the tools necessary for seeking capital, as well as identify the types of funds and resources available from financiers today. We will look at the broad challenges in raising capital at all stages. The attendees will walk away with a game plan for raising money for their business.

What will be covered:

  • The types of money available, the types of suppliers of money and how they differ
  • The difference in long term and short term debt and the ROI of your debt
  • How to measure and use financials tools to evaluate your business cost of obtaining capital
  • How to develop your current business plan to raise capital as you grow
  • How COVID-19 has affected lending

Speaker: Barbara Griffith

President, SCL Equipment Finance

IGS Electrical Leak Location Seminar Series: Ep. 4

The aim of the newly published standard practice for covered geomembrane electrical leak location testing is to locate all leaks in a lining system. Limitations and inadequacies of the previously used covered geomembrane standard practice (ASTM D7007) are all addressed and mitigated by the D8265 procedures. The new standard not only maximizes the sensitivity of the testing methods, but also forces the practitioner to report results in a way that is completely transparent. Therefore, mistakes and uncertainty cannot be hidden. This webinar will cover all aspects of the new standard practice, not only for practitioners, but also for anyone interested in reviewing testing results such as owners, design engineers, and contractors.

Speaker: Abigail Gilson, P.E., Senior Engineer, TRI Environmental, Inc

Lab to Life-Saving

Ever wondered how a product makes its way from the lab to the market? This webinar provides that insight and give you a look into how products make their transition from “Lab to Life-Saving”. These products are constantly being used to protect first responders and civilians from deadly environments. Learn about the milestones within the commercialization process, successes, and how we can learn and rebound from failures.

Speaker: Amit Kapoor, President, First Line Technology

Technically Not a “Techy” Person

Are you a self proclaimed “not techy person” who finds yourself more frustrated by technology every day? Do you know there are probably ways to make it easier, but perhaps you’re too embarrassed to ask? In this session, Karen Gordon will cover the very basics in terms of tools you need to know about, shortcuts to help you move faster, and tricks to make your computer run faster. We’ll talk about what basic tech tools are worth investing in (a second monitor! I swear!) and what free tools make your life way easier. You’ll leave feeling less overwhelmed and intimidated and more inspired to embrace the tools that will undoubtedly make your life easier.

Attendees of this session will walk away with:
-A clear shopping list of what you need (and what you don’t!)
-Easy tricks to make your technology run faster and you run faster when using it
-A better sense of confidence in facing new and existing tools


Speaker: Karen Gordon


Textile Training & Education Resources

The Manufacturing and Textile Innovation Network (MTIN) is a partnership between the Gaston College Textile Technology Center and the Catawba Valley Community College Manufacturing Solutions Center. With help of industry partners and the respective community colleges, the MTIN partnership offers product development, testing, incubator space and customized training for the textile industry. Webinar attendees will gain a better understanding of the MTIN partnership resources and opportunities for training and retaining a new workforce.


Speaker: Jasmine Cox, Director of Textile Technology Programs and Business Innovation, Textile Technology Center at Gaston College

The Key to Lowering Your Turnover

Hiring has gotten tougher and finding the right applicant almost impossible. This webinar will discuss the constant changing advertising avenues such as social media and advertising boards. Learn how to sell your business to applicants. Then when you get the right employee, learn how to onboard those employees and retain them in order to cut down on your hiring.

Learning objectives:
• Discover how to improve your overall employee section process.
• Learn and discuss what current social media and advertising is effective.
• Understand how to actively include your new employees into your work culture.
• Learn how to recruit in the current market.

Speaker: Wendy Christie


Use of Geocells to Improve Performance of Railway Track Beds

Railway track bed consists of layers of ballast and subballast on subgrade soils. Ballast degradation can rapidly occur under heavy axle loadings over soft subgrade soils. Ballast excessive deformation and failure can lead to train speed reduction, track down time, and costly maintenance and repairs. Geocell stabilization of ballast reduces vertical pressures distributed onto the subgrade, prevents subgrade bearing failure, and reduces subgrade deformation. Geocell-stabilized ballast significantly reduces ballast movement, aggregate rotation and breakage, and rail settlement, thus resulting in increased railway track life and long-term performance. This webinar will start with possible problems of ballast degradation, explain mechanisms of geocell stabilization, demonstrate benefits of geocell stabilization through past and recent research, provide guidance of design, and present case studies of geocell stabilization to solve real problems in the field.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the benefits of geocell-stabilized ballast from past research and testing
• Learn how geocell stabilization can reduce vertical ballast pressure and ballast movement
• Understand the typical applications for geocell ballast stabilization
• Learn how to apply geocell stabilization to extend rail life and reduce maintenance

Speaker: Professor Dr. Jie Han, Ph.D., PE, F.ASCE

Glenn L. Parker Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Kansas

What is Your 2022 Internet Marketing Plan?

This webinar will give attendees a clear plan of attack as it relates to their internet marketing & lead generation strategy for 2022. This updated plan is based on all the changes in the online space in the last year and gives a complete roadmap to building a website and online presence that consistently generates leads for their business.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the different types of online advertising methods.
• Attendee will be able to clearly define the differences between ranking on Google, paid advertising, along with the pros and cons of each.
• Get information on the latest trends in building your online presence, including how to get more reviews and rank for more keywords.


Speaker: Will Hanke

Chief Search Strategist, Window Treatment Marketing Pros