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Brand Protection by the Use of Invisible Markings

Product piracy has long been a staggering problem for the textile industry. DITF & IPA have developed an elegant solution: a fully transparent ink which is invisible to the human eye. The security ink, called Transparency™, is based on IR-active particles which are fixed on the substrate by textile binders. The patented high-tech Transparency security ink can be applied to textile – without altering its look or feel – to ensure authenticity.

Speaker: Dr. Reinhold Schneider, Teamleader Color and Functional Printing, DITF (Germany)

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The Biggest Pictures in the World

Heidi Denick, Senior Vice President of Global Design and Development at Moss, will present Moss’s partnership with Yadegar Asisi’s panorama installations in Europe. Learn how Asisi’s creative process, the digitization of the art, panel matching, and installation come together to create a stunning wide-format fabric graphic.


Speaker: Heidi Denick