A Simple Webinar to Create Effective Webinars

Keep it simple, keep it easy, and cover the basics; almost anyone can do an effective webinar from almost anywhere all by themselves. Don’t let the technology curve or the know-it-all from the IT department deter you, web-based communication is for everyone, not just the experts, and it’s easy to deploy. Most importantly, it’s efficient, quick, and very cost effective. Web-based learning and communication isn’t the future, it’s right now, and it’s here to stay. Join HP’s self-taught webinar advocate Timothy Mitchell for a quick punch list of what you’ll need, and how to get filming all by yourself.

Speaker: Timothy Mitchell

Adaptive Changes in the Workplace – Managing Safety Through a Pandemic

Deemed an Essential Business earlier on in the COVID-19 crisis, Seaman Corporation adopted Best Practices around associate safety and hygiene as well as effective internal communications. This webinar sponsored by Seaman Corporation will provide an open discussion forum for those businesses who are planning their re-opening strategy or businesses looking to share their experiences in handling this pandemic.

Speaker: Anna Gluck, VP of Human Resources, Seaman Corporation

Ask the Code Consultant – Q&A with Paul Armstrong, PE, CBO

Join an open forum through GoToWebinar with code consultant Paul Armstrong. In this discussion, we will address code-related issues in the awning, fabric structure and tent industry. Together, let’s resolve your questions about existing code issues and one’s you’re dealing with as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaker: Paul Armstrong, P.E., CBO, TRB & Associates, Inc.

Best Practices for Disinfecting COVID-19 Relief Materials & Equipment

This presentation will discuss how to approach and disinfect contaminated tents, along with other equipment on a COVID-19-related jobsite, including HVAC systems after use in contaminated settings. Proper PPE will also be part of the discussion. Come with questions or helpful tips yourself, as we will leave time at the end for Q&A and open dialogue.

Speaker: Chuck Shipp, owner and founder of Shipp Cleaning Systems

Building Inspections Department and COVID-19

Learn how the Building Inspections Department is dealing with the pandemic surrounding COVID-19.  The webinar will cover how to submit plans and if inspections are conducted, how are they conducting such inspections?

Speaker: Paul Armstrong, ATA’s Code Consultant.

Building Your Future through the Fog of Uncertainty–Clearing through Covid

The unprecedented business environment of COVID-19 has upended the rules of how to advance our organizations. We must now grow in the midst of fear and intense uncertainty. In this webinar, entrepreneur and leadership speaker Jeffrey Tobin will help you to walk through the fog, showing how to clear a path to the future you choose to build.

Speaker: Jeffrey Tobin, founder of The Concept Coach

COVID-19 Pandemic: Emerging Stronger and More Resilient

Cooley Group is successfully managing through the coronavirus pandemic, sustaining the health and safety of each employee while maintaining operations at full capacity. In this webinar, Dan Dwight, President and CEO of the Cooley Group, will describe the company’s response to COVID-19. Whether you are a business struggling to stay operational or shutdown and seeking to re-start, Dan will walk through a practical guide to leading your business through the pandemic in order to emerge stronger and more resilient.

Speaker: Dan Dwight, President & CEO of the Cooley Group

COVID-19 Some Help (and Hope) for Tent Lessors

ATA works year-round to advocate for industry through partnerships with lobbying and government relations experts. Join in this webinar to better understand the fundamentals of lobbying, what advocacy can do for your company – along with a review of both USIFI/NFI and GMA’s government relations programs and initiatives.

Speaker: James R. Waite, Esq., Attourney-at-Law

Financial Strategies for Survival, During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

Adapting your company financial strategy for the short and long term.

Speaker: Gary Stansberry, The Stansberry Firm, President & Found

How acquiring funds for your business has changed since COVID-19

As the business climate has changed with COVID-19, companies will need to understand how to get back to their operations in a new financial environment. Having capital to grow their business and acquire equipment will be a crucial component to success. This workshop will offer advice geared to all types of capital and provide the tools necessary for seeking capital, as well as identify the types of funds and resources available from financiers today. We will look at the broad challenges in raising capital at all stages. The attendees will walk away with a game plan for raising money for their business.

Speaker: Barbara Griffith, President of SCL Equipment Finance