Sewing Techniques - Canvas

Hem Construction Techniques – How to Finish a Fabric Edge

Hem Construction Techniques Video shows how to finish raw edges and give any sewing project a clean, professional look. Add webbing, grommets, snaps, or binding to sewing projects with the helpful tips in this video. By demonstrating 10 different hem techniques, this video covers the basics of common hem applications. Watch the whole video or jump right to the relevant chapter. Hem Construction Techniques video chapters: 0:46 Single Hem 1:43 Single Hem with Webbing 4:49 Rolled Edge 5:47 Double Hem 10:32 Binded Edge 11:05 Binded Edge with Webbing 12:33 Edge with Facing 13:17 Taped Edge (for tarps or trampolines) 15:20 Hem with Drawstring Sleeve 17:42 Hem with Awning Rope 19:08 Tip for Sewing Long Hems or Seams

Learning to Sew Part 2: How to Stitch

In Part 2 of Sailrite’s Learning to Sew Series, you will learn how to sew basic stitches. Watch and learn how to set up your machine to sew, sew a curve, sew in reverse and how to turn corners.

Learning to Sew Part 3: How to Sew Basic Seams – Canvas

Part 3 of Sailrite’s Learning to Sew Series tackles sewing seams. In this video you will learn how to sew an overlapping seam and a semi-flat felled seam.