The Advanced Textile Products Student Design Competition is an annual contest established to encourage college and university students of design, textiles engineering, and allied curricula to solve safety and protection problems using technical textiles and narrow fabrics in functional designs.

Students will create an original design and prototype for a safety product which will protect bodies or property from hazardous conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to, extreme hot or cold temperature; impact; chemical or biological exposure; poor visibility; fall protection. Medical or healthcare applications are permitted. Projects whose primary purpose is general wearing comfort or protection from environmental conditions will not be accepted. Projects must incorporate a textile component as a major part of the product.

Entrants must be enrolled in post-secondary textiles, apparel, engineering, or design programs in colleges or universities. More than one per student is allowed. Team entries are permitted. Mentoring by ATA member companies may be available upon request.


  1. Use textiles as a major component
  2. Design for aerospace, medical, military, safety/protective or other wearable and non-wearable textile technology applications

What to submit:

Project description including:
  • Written product/design specifications
  • How the project achieves its purpose
  • Why the product/space was designed
  • Evidence showing that this is an original design
  • Anything unique or complex about the project which may not be evident in the photographs or specifications
  • References or materials cited
  • What attributes or advantages did fabric provide that other options couldn’t/didn’t
  • What makes fabric a preferred choice over materials.
Digital images
  • 4-8 digital images of the project, including design illustrations.
  • Image resolution must be no less than 300 dpi.
  • At least one of the images must be an overall view of the project. Additional images should show significant details or angles of the project.
  • Images and documents should be submitted for Window Platform in .doc(English), .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .ppt or.pdf.
1st place
  • $500 cash prize to student or $1,500 to team of three or more students
  • Presentation of project at IFAI Expo events
    For up to three team members:
  • Complimentary registration to IFAI Expo
  • Complimentary travel expenses up to $500 per student to attend IFAI Expo
  • $400 applied to travel and hotel costs for academic advisor or college instructor to attend IFAI Expo
  • Project featured in ATA and division publications and on websites
The deadline for the 2020 Student Design Competition is May 15, 2020



Please contact Martha Baker at 651 225 6932 or