Webinar | Geocell Retention Systems

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Geocell retention systems are comprised of two types. One is made up of stacked geocells, infilled with compacted free-draining material. The second has exposed face made up of geocells while the soil behind is reinforced with planar geosynthetics layers. The first structure is a gravity wall while the second is a hybrid of planar geosynthetic reinforced soil with facing made of 3D geosynthetic, i.e., geocell. Design of the first structure is focused on the stability of gravity structure – resistance to sliding and overturning while ensuring that the foundation has sufficient bearing capacity. The design of the second system is more involved as it has to establish the layout of adequate reinforcement. This process includes sufficient strength and length of reinforcement to resist rupture of the reinforcement as well as resist sliding. It has also to ensure resistance to foundation failure and prevention of reinforcement front-end pullout from the geocell facing; i.e., connection strength.

The following will be discussed:

  1. Construction process
  2. Static design using software demonstration
  3. Seismic design using software demonstration
  4. Performance


October 25 12:00 pm EDT

October 25 1:00 pm EDT

Ineke A Conway