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Webinar, June 11: The transition process

May 22nd, 2014 / By: / Industry News

Preparing the next generation and passing the torch.

The next generation of your family likely has many important roles to play-within their lifetimes they may be an owner, employee, manager, leader or director. And certainly, all along, they’re an important part of your family, as well as your family business. How do you equip them to play these various roles well so that they can be effective stewards of the family legacy? And how can you facilitate them stepping into leadership roles while protecting the business and the family? In this program, consultants Steve Miller, David Ransburg and Anne Hargrave share their experiences and perspective on what works best and what to think about when planning for transition.

Who should attend?

  • Family business leaders currently working on succession planning efforts, or who foresee the need in the future;
  • Next-generation leaders, successors and owners who want to better understand their roles in the business and/or proactively manage their personal development;
  • Non-family managers and executives with responsibility for training and developing family employees; and
  • Advisors (attorneys, estate planners, financial advisors, etc.) that work with family businesses that are (or should be) pursuing succession planning.

What will you learn?

Through discussion of real-life case studies and best practices, the panel will share a high-level view of key considerations when planning for transition and how to ensure that next generation family members have what they need to succeed. Topics covered will include:

  • What roles and responsibilities the next generation might adopt, and how these differ from their parents’ generation;
  • Who should be involved in preparing the next generation and how they can participate;
  • Characteristics of successful next-generation family leaders;
  • How to help next-generation family leaders develop their leadership talent;
  • How to plan for an effective handoff of leadership, including when and how to start.

The Family Business Consulting Group

The organization serves families and the enterprises that they have built by guiding them through the process of building structures, systems and skills for comprehensive strategy, better decision making, stronger competitive advantage, and continuity of enterprises for future generations. With more than 2,300 client families in 70 countries, the consultant team has successfully led businesses across industries, family structures, and cultures through the issues, both common and uncommon, faced by families in business together. For more information or to register, visit the FBCG website.


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