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Lightweight inflatable boats, mats and accessories from Seamax

March 19th, 2014 / By: / New Products

Inflatable boats have more than 50 years in this industry, used frequently by the military and for commercial purposes. They feature two large buoyancy tubes on either side which contain pressurized gas to keep the boat stable on water without tipping. The lightweight inflatable boat has become a household item for many reasons, becoming much more popular for fishing and sport activities.

Seamax Outdoor Canada now offers aluminum-floor and air mat-floor recreational inflatable boats, designed to be functional and versatile. 1100-denier PVC-coated fabric and multi-chambers with multi-layered overlapped seams provided keeps them airtight and durable. The buoyancy tube provides improved stability, has an outstanding life span and guarantees a high level of safety for the owner. Recreational models offer many of the features found in the Seamax Professional line, but with colors and options better suited for the recreational user. The new inflatables are easy to maneuver in the most congested waterways.

Seamax also offers inflatable gym mats, made from drop-stitch fabrics from Korea. They’re tear and abrasion resistant, quick to inflate and very portable. Also available: inflatable boat floors (80mm), camping mats (80mm-210mm), surfing boards (100mm-150mm), and water platforms (140mm-210mm).


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