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Trelleborg engineered fabrics help increase performance of Solving’s air bearings

November 21st, 2013 / By: / New Products

Trelleborg’s Coated Systems business, Trelleborg Engineered Fabrics, has been awarded a contract to supply an engineered fabric for use in American Solving Inc.’s air bearings. This virtually eliminates malfunction and improves air bearing performance while meeting stringent customer specifications.

Trelleborg and designer and manufacturer of heavy load-handling systems Solving have worked closely for many years. Previously, Trelleborg had supplied the coating alone, but in recent years has become responsible for the entire process. Trelleborg’s engineered fabric is used within the air bearings that are under the transporter, Solving Mover, replacing the need for wheels. Providing superior strength and tensile properties, as well as an ability to withstand high air pressure, the advanced fabric lowers the air bearings’ consumption of air to optimize performance.

Anders Heikius, R&D manager of mechanical design for Solving, said: “Our air bearings work using air film technology, meaning that a thin film of air is created between the floor surface and the air bearing. This virtually eliminates friction and allows heavy loads to be moved with very little force. This technology provides many benefits and is typically used in factories, with smooth porous-free floors.”

Johan Frithiof, commercial director with Trelleborg Coated Systems, commented: “Working with Solving, we became aware of the increased design requirements of air bearings and our engineers have produced an advanced solution which will both improve the capacity of the air bearings and lower the air consumption.”

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