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RKW SE offers film products and roof underlayments

July 1st, 2009 / By: / Graphics, New Products

Aptra®, a film used as a composite with other materials, provides a combination of barrier properties and breathability, yet is so light that it barely registers on a scale. Aptra is laminated with a variety of substrates using several methods. Composite structures utilizing spunbond nonwovens are one of the many configurations possible. Lamination can be accomplished by point bonding with heated calenders, sonic bonding, heat sealing and spray adhesives. Aptra Classic and Aptra UV 8 are microporous polypropylene films produced exclusively in North America.

For the construction industry the company offers Rooftopguard II multilayer roof underlayments with an anti-slip surface. Completely waterproof, weather-resistant and even hurricane-proof, the material is resistant to insects, pests, rotting and mold. RKW grants a 30-year limited warranty for the underlayments. Supplied in roll form.

RKW has expanded its product range to include hydroentangled spunbond nonwovens that can be combined with film products. In contrast to thermal bonding, which reinforces and bonds the fibers together using heat, this method operates with jets of water that join the continuous fibers together using high pressure. This results in very soft, yet tear-resistant, nonwovens that can be dyed in all colors and can be statically charged.


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