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Flatbed protection system acts as traveling billboard

February 1st, 2009 / By: / Graphics, Markets, New Products

[Aero-Kit Industries & Tarp Technology Innovations] Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Flatbed transportation has moved beyond the load limitations that used to limit haulers. The LOOK® Advanced Covering Sliding System is a versatile and convertible load protection system for flatbed trailers, adaptable to drop-deck and double drop-deck, B-train and tilt’n-load, heavy duty and recreational utility trailers, and boom trucks. Better protection means keeping the driver safe from injury, too. With Aero-Kit’s design services, customers can digitally print their corporate message on their soft-sided load cover and turn it into a traveling billboard. Aero-Kit uses a 20-ounce urethane from Mehler, electronically welded from 98-inch-wide roll goods to 48-foot by 26-foot finished covers.

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